Digital Agency owners, how much of your marketing budget goes to inbound marketing?

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If you're running an agency... What's the proportion between your inbound vs. outbound marketing efforts?
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  • If you are a newbie to the digital marketing spent less than $500 and check it, I am spending more than $2k per month, it depends upon you.

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    No budget at all for inbound at this point. Mostly referral business for the past couple years.
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    I have a unique strategy that works really well.

    I don't write content on blog posts - I don't write huge social media posts. Simply because I can write all the content in the world and get no leads or little leads.
    I generate leads in squeeze pages and then I send them content via E-mail depending on what they optin on.

    I usually pay around $6-8 a lead and over the period of a month or two I usually generate around $20-24 per lead.
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      Love it.

      What's your traffic source for the squeeze pages, Dylan?
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        I mainly use Facebook and Google AdWords but now I am starting to go into Youtube advertising (just to test it out)

        I absolutely love google ads though but these days its getting harder to rank in the search network for anything related to marketing (for relatively cheap clicks)

        I also use some organic methods such as forums etc.

        How do you find having your business on a refferal basis?
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          It's actually far more inbound (forums etc) and not as much any other channel.

          While this is super scalable, I'm realizing that I'm playing in "hard mode" this way...

          Investing in so much content with slow ROI... It will scale for sure and we're developing strong capabilities...

          But I sense we'll go much farther per dollar and per hour if we drove more traffic towards squeeze pages and be more direct with our offers.
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            Yeah I was doing that for a while but I found that I would lose alot of time and not achieving a great ROI.
            You do go faster and its more scalable but its daunting.

            I am trying to maximize results per hour and it seems that is the best way.
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              Yes, changing my thinking to that as well.

              When I started, I was far more idealistic with a very very strong preference towards building scale.

              As runway burns, I'm shifting efforts to activities that deliver quicker ROI.

              I think I've been acting like a company 10x my size.

              For sure, this kind of inbound works... but it also requires a bigger bank account and longer patience.
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                Yeah this inbound definately works and I do it every now and then but cracking paid ads with a ROI strategy is the best way. I messed up alot when starting this out but Now I have cracked it and can predict my income/revenue month to month with little to no margin error.
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                  That's the huge thing: predicting your income month to month.

                  At first, the question is survival and sanity.

                  It's hard to be creative if cash flow is too unpredictable and you're worrying about when investments will pay off (which is usually not immediate).

                  The key is to first be stable... When we're comfortable, that's a good time to shift more budget towards investing in inbound.
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                    Yeah its pretty good being able to predict income.

                    I don't aim for stability to be honest, I am more the person that says "F**k it, lets give it a shot" and I focus alot more on execution then planning but that usually gives me more trouble then rewards hahaha
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                      I've been doing that for so long... Now, other people in my life who rely on me could use a little stability from my end.

                      So I'm moving the balance for reaping more immediate gains rather than investing in scale in a way that's none of my business at this early point
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    about 0$ but all my time.
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