Where are we going? The future of Internet Marketing

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Tonight I've been going through Webmonkey articles from the 90's, and even though we treated them as gospel at the time by today's standards they'd make you facepalm.

And it got me thinking about what could be in store for the next 20 years.

What are your predictions?
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    Mobile-based distribution collaborative marketing platforms

    Think crowdsourcing with heaping doses of AI
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    Not just IM but in general...

    I tell people I work with all the time that by the time our kids that are a few years old now grow up they're going to think that going to work 40 hours a week is some kind of myth.

    I think we'll continue to see a premium placed on work/life balance with an emphasis on the life part. We've already seen a shift to more results oriented goals as opposed to clock watching, 40 hour weeks.

    I always say, don't penalize someone who can do 8 hours of work in 2 hours.

    Both working remotely and online entrepreneurship will continue to increase and lifestyle business will become increasingly common.
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  • Looks like there will be more new niches that will soon emerge given that everything is now available online. Big brands will depend more on online advertising and social media marketing rather than investing in conventional media.
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    Ten years ago we were unfamiliar with smartphones but now it's so commonplace. And I think 20 more years maybe people will walk on more air.
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    I think three things will dominate the future of online marketing:

    1) Having a strong social media presence and following.
    2) Having relevant content published on authority sites.
    3) Having a good reputation on product review sites.

    Of course, a good strong list always helps. That seems to be the one evergreen factor.
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    Originally Posted by Michael Meaney View Post

    Tonight I've been going through Webmonkey articles from the 90's, and even though we treated them as gospel at the time by today's standards they'd make you facepalm.

    And it got me thinking about what could be in store for the next 20 years.

    What are your predictions?

    I think what we think will happen won't , and what we thought would be gone won't

    As there are so many people working and the old age is getting longer the pension needs to be there plus the loss of jobs will stop the halt in the future of any major innovations

    Think about this in the 60-70s we were promised flying cars and jet packs and robot maids ( look up a TV show called the Jetsons) so we have gone as far for now !

    And for all the noms who dream of working 4 hour days just remember this you need people with $$$ to support you so they have to be working 38 hrs just for them to make a purchase for you to survive

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      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      I think what we think will happen won't , and what we thought would be gone won't
      Wise words indeed.

      As Paul Gascoigne once memorably said: "I've never made predictions, and I never will."
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    Online platforms will evolve, but the fundamentals will stay the same.

    Marketing is marketing - track and control your ROI, appeal to people's needs, fears and passions, be persuasive, influential and provide value - and the platform doesn't matter.

    Having said that, I can't wait to run my first VR campaign when EEG replaces native ads and you can literally pay to place a thought inside someone's head.

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    Will there be an Internet in 20 years?

    Maybe not as we know it.

    Whatever we end up with, everything will have to be more native and far more personalised as user information will be compiled and analysed to a greater degree than today and even more specific targeting will be common.

    I suspect there will be something new and better.

    There will also be more people seeking out digital free zones where there is peace and isolation from the connected world.

    Best regards,

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    "In many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist 10 or even five years ago, and the pace of change is set to accelerate. By one popular estimate, 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don't yet exist."

    Source: The Future of Jobs - Reports - World Economic Forum


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi Michael,

    I Think:
    1, Internet Maketing must more convenient for Mobile
    2, Comm for Product will down
    3, Buy Product base on introduction of people around (or social network)
    4, All infor is Open, so you must have a quanlity Web to sale your product

    -> Don't have Opportunity for Lucky Man, Success only go with Hard-worker
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    And remember this...

    No matter what happens, or how crazy it is, there will be someone who "knew it would happen."
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    Well, the internet is just a baby right now. This is just the beginning. What I do know is that more people are going to be put out of work because of it.
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    Only God knows.

    But for the rest of us...

    Things will Keep changing in life and in business.

    That is for certain.

    What worked a decade ago may not work today.

    And what works today may not work tomorrow.

    As Marketers our job is to figure out how the human mind makes decisions...

    What triggers your target market to take certain actions etc.

    And that will keep changing.

    In the end...the marketers who are willing to adapt...can flourish.

    And everyone else will become obsolete.
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    I would say mobile is going to go really big in the future. Apart from that, who knows what revolutionary new products will pop up or what will be the next big trend.
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  • Something with VR. Probably allot of experiential marketing
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    I think that the farther away we get from personal contact the more we need it.

    The more AI creeps into our lives the more we will desire personal relationships.

    So, I think that the successful marketer will work on relationship building with their lists.

    We are still people, we don't like being treated like robots with wallets. We like it when people personally reply to us, know us and remember us.

    I think relationship building will be key.
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