Should I directly link my bing ads to my affiliate link?

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I've been thinking of using a squeeze page so I can send emails to people who don't buy and likely convert them into buyers. If anyone has experience with this, which do you think is better? Directly to the affiliate link or a squeeze page?
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    Totally squeeze page. If you send to an affiliate offer directly you lose majority of traffic.
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    Test and tweak your campaigns.

    But definitely, capturing the email leads. You do not want to lose your buyers forever too!

    Capture that valuable buyer to have recurring profit in the future too.
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    Always capture the email address.

    Building an email list will provide you with an asset that you own and are able to control the traffic that you can generate from it.

    If you send the traffic directly to the landing page most visitors statistically will not buy. So if you collect their emails you can follow up and have the ability to potentially convert more users.
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    I did both and it worked.

    You need to realize that Bing has new rules where you probably can't add an affiliate link so to be on the safe side, use your own website and build a list.
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    Directly linking to an affiliate link is not a great idea. Yes capture leads but make sure that you Immediately 'redirect' them to the sales page.

    X amount of your leads will buy right away if your sales page is good.
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    The money is in the list... plain and simple. Moreover you can start with a low priced offer and win them over with quality email content over time and then introduce higher priced items.

    Warm up your leads!
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    Squeeze Page.

    You want to experiment with something similar to a bridge page. You can use a simple squeeze page to capture leadsz and warm them up towards a relevant offer through follow ups.

    This is what I have been doing and it works well if you build the right components including follow up emails.

    Hope this helps!

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    hey there

    its always a good practice to use a squeeze page...
    from there do all of your linking

    you have control and not the other way around

    talk soon
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    I would probably make a very professional looking landing page to go on my bing ad, this way I would get people emails

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    Like the others have mentioned, people's email address is very important in this line of business. Because every email is a potential sale.

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  • Yes for few affiliate network bing ads will allow direct link, but if you have landing page or squeeze page you will get more customer and sale.

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    Adding direct link is not a good idea. I think Bing doesn't allow it. But for a few affiliate networks, Bing ads allows direct affiliate links.
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    Definitely use squeeze page...

    Landing Page (squeeze page) helps increase your conversion rate. If you send traffic directly on offer you would get some money and that's it. But with landing page you can make money over and over again.

    Here is the thing with landing page. Except you can collect emails, it's great for retargeting. Not every person who visits your landing page will opt-in. Only a small percentage of them will. But if you put pixel on your landing page you'll be able to track people who didn't opt-in. That's where fun begin. You know that these people are interested in your offer because they've already visited your landing page, so you can run ads and target only them. You'll probably get more leads/sales if you serve ads to this audience. If you serve ads to random people conversion rate will be lower.

    Of course, collecting e-mail addresses is very powerful.
    You're building your own list of subscribers and you'll be able to get more sales from them in the future. If you directly send traffic to an affiliate offer, you are giving your potential customers to another person / company.
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    Not much to add here, 100% squeeze page.

    You gotta build that list!
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      Not good idea but works but you keep losing
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