What is the best testimonial you've ever received?

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What was the best testimonial you've received from your online clients after selling them your information products?
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    Truth be told, its hard to get my customers to give me testimonials.

    it happens but not as much as id like.

    -Ike Paz
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      That is very true. Not only it means what you are doing is correct, but also means it helps others, to change their business, or even their lives.
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    Wow. Every single one kinda hits me deeply. You say to yourself because you were born there was an impact made on this world. Yea I hang out in Mind Warriors section on occasion.

    But I will never forget once I had just joined a FB Group full of high level experience marketers and I think I was sharing a link to some content I created and nobody really knew me at that time.

    It was not a Warrior Forum related Mastermind but a fellow warrior completely out of the blue said he saw some other content I had shared and he got good value from it. That still makes me smile big to this day.

    Talk about an ice breaker to joining a new group.



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    He came back almost a year later and said their business was now doing $250,000+ per quarter as a result of what I taught them.

    It's humbling.

    It might not be in the multi-million dollars like some, but I'll take it.
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    I thrive off people succeeding when applying what I have taught them. It's not always about the money! My eyes light up when my customers inform me that they made their first dollar.
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    I highly value anyone who takes the time to leave a testimonial for any of my products but the one I have copied below from a few weeks ago takes some beating.
    It is related to a wso I was selling, the testimonial could have been an ebook in itself
    The very fact that this person must have spent a long time writing it really blew me away to be honest.

    Originally Posted by Andrew_Wardle View Post

    Disclosure - I did not receive a review copy of this book. I paid for it with my own money. Not only that, I have reserved my farewell post on the Warrior "Forum" to provide a comprehensive analysis of what Mr. Tomlinson is offering, for no other reason than that it is totally deserving of such an analysis. The book which is the subject of this review is a print-quality publication which belongs in a far more edifying theatre than it will ever find in the "Scams 'R' Us" forum.

    It would be a serious mistake to think of this as a "WSO." It may be being sold on the same forum as the recycled $7 PLR junk, the plagiarised $17 "reports" copied word for word from guru "marketing courses", and the $997 non-existent "coaching programs" where you get one fifteen-minute incoherent "pep talk" over Skype before the "vendor" decides you are "not a good fit" and throws you out without a refund, but be aware that this is a world apart from the typical WSO toilet-bowl scams.

    I wish I had written this course. With my background in writing, I should have been able to write it. But, I didn't write it. In truth, I wouldn't have been able to come anywhere near this standard had I attempted to write it. Mr. Tomlinson did write it, and for that he deserves a great deal of credit.

    Had I been able to produce something like this, I wouldn't have taken it anywhere near the WSO board. I would have sold it for an appropriate price on my own website, and used YouTube and Facebook to drive traffic to the sales page. I wouldn't want it anywhere near a market place where it is going to a) be tainted by association with junk and scams, and b) be cast before a crowd of potential buyers who won't remotely have the intelligence or the business acumen to appreciate it. It is absolutely wasted here.

    This is a product aimed squarely at those who want to start and operate a content writing business. As I can tell you from personal experience, that is not an easy task. In fact, it is far harder now than it was ten years ago when I started my own content writing enterprise. There has been a dramatic change in the type of content buyers are demanding, and a relentless surge of low-priced competition from the developing world forcing quality writers out of the market.

    There are, however, two counter-balancing trends which are often overlooked, but which can outline the way forward to overcoming these setbacks. Firstly, the changes in buyer demand which the search engine algorithms have engendered can actually work in a new writer's favour, as much of the old formulaic keyword-stuffed content is now effectively obsolete. In effect, the new changes are allowing the cream to rise to the top, as buyers who actually understand the value of quality content know they can pay a reasonable price for it and still benefit handsomely from it. They have better things to do with their time than beat a writer down to single-figure price for an article, and then moan incessantly at that writer when they don't produce prize-winning results.

    The avalanche of low-cost low-quality content is also creating a constant dissatisfaction among buyers, which is forcing the more intelligent of those buyers to realise that while they can't profit from low-priced junk, they can in fact profit from high-quality work which brings in new business and new revenue streams. A well-hidden market has consequently emerged in high-quality content, for which these more intelligent buyers realise they will need to pay an appropriate price.

    Not all of the changes which have occurred in the content writing market have been disadvantageous, as long as you have the extremely rare ability to identify the new market, and to position yourself to take advantage of it. This is where Mr. Tomlinson's excellent course comes in, and he could scarcely have done a better job in outlining the steps you need to take to be successful.

    I did my due diligence before buying this book, and even after. I carried out a full Companies House records check on the entity through which Mr. Tomlinson is selling this book, and I'm delighted to say everything checks out perfectly. He is who he claims to be, he lives in, and runs his business from, the area in which he purports to live, and his business is properly registered and a viable corporate entity. Everything is above board and 100% honest.

    Mr. Tomlinson's book (and I refer to it as a book even though it is in digital form, because it is a print-quality publication which just happens to be electronic) is presented as a PDF, in 121 pages of easily readable black font on white background. There are screen shots included where they are useful, but there is certainly no attempt to bloat the page count with superfluous screen shots.

    The most important part of the book is the set-up, and it is this that will ultimately separate those who are serious from those who are not. There is a lot of hard work, time and effort involved before you can even begin to prospect for paid work, and that will be enough to see off all those other than the truly dedicated.

    Everything which is presented in this section makes sense, though, and is there for a reason. Taking short cuts and missing steps out will only lead to diminished returns later, if indeed there are any returns at all. Stick to the plan, and you have a chance of competing in a world where other people will be sticking to the plan also, although only a small percentage as so many online are looking for loopholes, gimmicks, and ways of avoiding what needs to be done.

    The instructions for setting up the business website are lacking, and that is admitted as it is not Mr. Tomlinson's area of specialist expertise. This is the weakest section of the book, and in all honesty I would look for instruction elsewhere. It never ceases to amaze me how many people on the Warrior Forum are still recommending hosting companies which were good ten years ago, but which have long since gone past their use-by date. Sadly, Mr. Tomlinson has fallen into that trap.

    Obviously, I can't give my own recommendations here, but in general terms you need to stay away from any host which has been swallowed up by the Endurance International Group, and then you need to use the forums and rating sites which are available online to find good quality alternatives. When you get a site, you need to set up Wordpress properly using the five-minute install, and not use one-click install gimmicks. Whatever you do, don't leave the user name as 'admin' because it will expose you to extreme levels of unnecessary risk.

    It does have to be said, though, that even a poorly-installed site on dreadful hosting will probably be good enough to get the job done with a simple writing site. As there is no attempt to use SEO to gain clients, slow loading speeds and poor site structure are not likely to be serious problems. I still do recommend doing your diligence, though, as a hacked site will probably lead to lost business in any case. It is no more difficult to do it right than it is to do it wrong, and learning how to install sites properly is a skill which will never cease to be useful.

    Once the site and background work has been completed, you will be ready to prospect for clients. There are plenty of good quality options given, and what is most encouraging is that you are actually discouraged from wasting time on venues which I have tested myself and found to be totally lacking. There are some market places where people expect top quality for ridiculously cheap prices, and the only sane answer is simply not to engage with those market places.

    There is a lot of work to be done, and prospecting requires a consistent and dedicated effort. This is why it is so important to partition your time properly. If you begin to get orders, you can spend so much time on the actual writing that there is simply no time left to prospect for further business. Sooner or later, you end up with an empty order book. The only answer is to "pay yourself first" in terms of time. Allocate so many hours to prospecting, and the hours that are left, and only the hours that are left, are the hours you spend writing.

    The list of prospecting venues is impressive. There are sites where you can bid for work, and you are shown a technique which will increase response rates over those who simply fire off "cookie cutter" bids. If you were in the other person's shoes, those of the buyer, I guarantee you would be attracted to any bidder who followed this technique, so it will be effective. It just takes a bit of extra time, so budget for it accordingly.

    I am pleased to see the world's most effective social networking site for professionals included, as that can be a rich source of clients for any serious business. It takes a bit of effort to convince people on this site to give you a chance, but they will often be prepared to pay a reasonable price more readily than clients you would find elsewhere. The tips used for operating on this site are also good, and there is no suggestion that you should spam or make a nuisance of yourself.

    Then, there is the business of actually doing the work. Mr. Tomlinson briefly covers speech-to-text software, and the conclusions he has drawn from using it are the the same as mine. I have used it in the past to give my hands a rest and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I have never found any great saving in terms of speed. Whatever you gain in quick writing, you lose in extended error correction, so it is really just another means of achieving the same result. Use it, or leave it. There is no practical difference to the result.

    On page 90, Mr. Tomlinson reveals his average time for writing a 1000-word article. All I can say is, "Eek!!" I have been writing professionally for over a decade, and I can't come anywhere remotely close to matching that time scale. I would need to quadruple those times, and that is the big problem I have always had with the writing business. On a personal level, I would only consider following this plan if I was quickly going to reach the level where I was outsourcing the actual writing, and editing and overseeing the work.

    Which brings me to the gem on page 105, which alone justifies the price of the book. Mr. Tomlinson has identified the one resource which can allow the owner of a writing business to hand off the core part of the business to other competent people, without the need to pay out so much that all profits are dissipated, and without taking the risk of consistent poor results. The difficulty is getting to the stage where there is enough work to justify the type of long-term deals these workers expect. It is possible, though. Not easy, but possible. As I say, this is a real book containing real information which someone can follow and have a realistic prospect of success. It is not a guaranteed blueprint to anything, and even with perfect implementation you will still have to overcome many significant hurdles to succeed. This is real, not BS, which is really why it needs to be sold in a venue where people actually want to buy reality instead of BS.

    If you are serious about starting, and continuing with, a content writing business, then I totally recommend that you buy Mr. Tomlinson's report. It will show you a possible way to success. You will then need to apply a colossal amount of effort and dedication to give yourself a fighting chance. It is possible, but it certainly is not easy. I wish anyone who follows Mr. Tomlinson's blueprint every success, as they will be providing a much-needed and genuinely useful service to buyers who actually deserve to receive the quality they are paying for. That, in the final analysis, is what business is supposed to be about.
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    I have received awesome endorsements from clients but really, being featured on Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News has been most humbling to me. That these major outlets wished to hear what I had to say floored me.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    In my line of business, is hard to get testimonials but i got a few and the best would be the one of my clients told me that he was very much benefited using my product which provided him with all the information he needed.
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    I don't even expect anything, from people, If I get it, it's a good day

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    It`s definitely really cool to see someone else achieve success from what you taught them. That is really satisfying and enough for me personally.
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    We use white hat SEO techniques for website promotion of our clients to get positive testimonial from them.
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    Some guy who bought my course once told me ''Man you rock like brown bread, your shit gained me such insight''

    Not sure what the ''you rock like brown bread'' part means, but nevertheless, my most awesome testimonial.
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    I get quite a bit.

    It's hard to decide because each client is different.

    It's also hard to pick out the 'best' because each client has a different context
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    The best testimonial that I ever got so far was from a US Military Veteran who actually built her business overseas in Afghanistan while there was a war going on back in 2008.

    She was grateful for the mentorship and coaching that I gave her.

    She not only got up to generating 50 leads per day with paid ads and a lead capture page that I made for her...

    But she was able to make some big ticket sales ranging from $1,500 and up.

    The best part about this was the fact that I assisted her completely by email.

    Never could speak to her due to a 14 time difference between Afghanistan and Canada.

    She could not even use Skype on the base.
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