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I want to use sales funnels to get leads for my MLM. I dont want to use a WP based funnel. I like clickfunnels but they are $97 a month. The Conversion Pros look really good, but still $50 a month. Not trying to be cheap, just on a tight budget. I know if I get a capture page system like Lead Pages and then an email autoresponder all these sales funnels are cheap in comparison.
Has anyone had good results using Online Sales Pro (OSP)? I know they are great at promoting themselves, but has anyone actually had good results using them for what they are suppose to be, a good sales funnel getting leads for another opportunity? Thanks.
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    What do you have against WP based funnels? A domain name and hosting for a year is probably less than you are going to pay for just 1 month at those other services you mentioned.

    I just checked fiverr and there are a couple of gigs for people to build it for you if you aren't comfortable using WO.
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    If all you are wanting to do is generate leads, technically all you need is a squeeze page/hosting and an autoresponder.

    You could hire someone from a freelancer site to create you a mobile friendly squeeze page (cheap), get an inexpensive hosting plan and just pass the form submissions to the autoresponder you end up using.
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    i would just leave that MLM altogether unless you can make $1000 recurring in the next 30 days.

    I use facebook groups to get my leads, its free and it works

    although facebook groups are littered with MLM opportunities and i just get sketched out looking at them

    You gotta do it the hard way, you gotta go pitch people your opportunity, spend an hour a day doing this

    then go buy clickfunnels and continue your sales work

    Buy the $297 package from clickfunnels for the first month then downgrade

    project success into whatever you are doing, expect to win on massive levels and the $97 is pocket change for your fortune

    - RWL
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    I'm using a page builder named Flatpack (you can search in Themeforest).
    It's not WP, but a stand alone script, and generates html pages (very fast loading speed).
    I'm happy with it, costs only $18.
    Give it try.
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      Thanks for sharing. Never heard about that. Will search it out.
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    Thanks for all the comments. Judging from all the hype of OSP to how many people on the forum have replued to using it. My thoughts are correct. They are more of a MMO opportunity than a great stand alone funnel software to use to promote your own opportunity. I have nothing against WP. Just more steps involved. I need to get a host that caters more to WP so the downloap of WP is made easier than probably get a user friendly theme instead of a free theme and then the plugin. Also a lot of people are mistaking a funnel for a capture page builder. Two very different things. A funnel will build capture pages, bridge pages, landing pages, have hosting, email autoresponder, scripts, lead management, etc.
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    Yeah I build my own sites with Optimized Press.... Maybe old school but it works and there are no monthly fees.


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      Old school or not - that's still one of the -if not the- best plugins for WordPress around!
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    I've been using get response, the first month is free then its $15 per month. They give you a landing page as well. So far so good... :-)
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    Just because a lot of folks who visit this forum don't like MMO doesn't mean you should rule it out.

    Most people who get involved with systems like OSP just join and sit back to see if it'll work...all by itself.

    Then when it doesn't and they see top earners (and other folks besides them) have success...they get pissed.

    Now regarding OSP..

    I didn't like this system myself.

    There is a dude called Mack Mills...

    His systems convert a lot better.
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    If you want to earn the trust of readers and potential downline members in a niche with serious barriers to being trusted, use Ray Higdon as a model and get yourself a WP based funnel set up. Save yourself unnecessary struggles. Gain trust more easily. Own a well-stocked WP blog to position yourself. Grow your team.
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    I sent you a message Joe , I use TCP and Love it cut my cost down 300 bucks a month
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    You Refer two With TCP and your system Pays for itself also
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    I'm pretty sure most people use some sort of WP based funnel , must be something out there for you
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    TCP (The Conversion Pros) was my number one choice, since it was cheaper than Clickfunnels and better than OSP as far as being a true funnel and just not self interested in promoting themselves. But my dreams were answered as we speak. Seek and you shall find. I found MyCapturePage.com. they have ready made funnels for the trending MMO's and MLM's and they have one for my company and its only $20 a month. Alleluya.
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    Hi Joe,

    You might want to consider Instabuilder than as they cost only $100 for a 1 year license i believe.

    Certainly not the best, but it does what you're looking for with ease.

    Hope this was of use to you.
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