Why we must have 5 unique buyers to withdraw from WarriorPlus ?

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Hey guys,
This is my first time using W+ affiliate network. I've made a sale. Then when I want to withdraw my funds to my paypal, WarriorPlus said I must have 5 unique buyers to withdraw. Is it too much ?

I need your opinion. Thanks.
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    The 'qualifier' for a new affiliate's first withdrawal is listed on the WarriorPlus site. Not an unusual qualifier for a first withdrawal though it can be frustrating. If you have a question abut it - contact WarriorPlus directly.

    (WarriorPlus is a separate online business - not owned by FL or the Warrior Foroum.)

    In order to make a withdrawal, there are certain requirements that must be met, such as:
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is $15. You cannot withdraw funds from your wallet if your balance is less than this amount.
    • You must have sales from at least 5 different/unique buyers on our platform before you are eligible to withdraw funds for the first time.
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    One of MANY reasons I use JV Zoo

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      Originally Posted by depotgang View Post

      One of MANY reasons I use JV Zoo

      also one of the many reasons that Warrior Plus is more immune to affiliate fraud.

      Affiliate fraud (esp. for internet marketing products) is a big problem for any "instant commission" affiliate program, and this limitation was put in place to help reduce the instance of affiliates 1) purchasing a product under their own affiliate link, 2) collecting the commissions for the sale, and then 3) requesting a refund.

      All of the major instant commission affiliate programs have some method to combat this problem. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to attract vendors to list products in the first place. JVZoo has "delayed commissions" that allows the vendor to selectively approve individual affiliates for instant commission payments.

      Sid Hale
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    So if you got your first sale, you must know how you did it.

    So if you made 1 sale, you can make a lot more (If you persist with the same product, you can make 100's more sales).
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    I just made a sale and i was thinking that i will get paid directly in my paypal acount but not .Seems i must make another 4 to withdraw .This post was useful for me
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    So, they know that you are really promoting their marketplace products.. Because, many people get approved to promote a product and then they just buy it for themselves using the affiliate link and they get back their money.. So, they are buying something from marketplace for absolutely nothing..because, over 95% FE product offers 100% commission on their FE SALES.

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks for all of the answers guys. Thanks a lot.
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