Tips for compelling advertising banner?

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Any banner ad veterans got any advice on how to make a banner that has a half decent click through rate?

The website I'm advertising is making free internet marketing software. So I'll be marketing to our own. Not if that makes it more or less hard!? :-)
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  • While I am promoting a banner advertisement for one of the affiliate product. I used split testing for two banners, The banner which contain numbers and few bullet points received more conversation, instead of using only paragraph The banner with numbers and few bullet points are always good for marketing.
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    Click-Through-Rates aren't the metric you need to be looking for.

    Here's a real world example:

    10,000 Impressions
    20% CTR
    2,000 Clicks
    0.5% Conversion Rate
    10 Conversions

    10,000 Impressions
    2% CTR
    200 Clicks
    8% Conversion Rate
    16 Conversions

    Obviously these numbers have been exaggerated for demostration purposes, but with banner ads, unless there's an automated system to remove poor performing ads (Taboola, Gemini for example) based on CTR, you don't need to focus on CTRs.

    You need to speak directly to the person who will buy your product. Your CTR is meaningless.

    Be specific. Be exclusive.

    Example using a Men's Diabetic Product:

    Click Here to Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally without Pills


    Just for Men: New Breakthrough Study shows how Men ages 45-65 can Reverse their Diabetes Naturally without Pills

    Which one would get a higher CTR? The top one probably. It will include both men and women, and doesn't qualify out any age groups. The lower ad will have a lower CTR overall, but if your product is designed to speak to and work for Men ages 45-65, then the conversions will be much higher.
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    I think the main rule is to keep the ad simple and to the point. People always like something that is easy to understand and that will surely increase your conversion rate.
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