So I lost $30,000 this month already... :(

by Todd Walker 3 replies
Hey Guys,

So not a great story hear, but in any case with every bad case there is a lesson learned.

In all my business ventures I do pretty well for myself, but this month brought some realization to my life. It is so important to stay focus and keep the course of your plan.

In a business structure like mine, where I flip sites, or invest money into smaller sites/small companies, there are so many tangents, but within these tangents there is the 'big picture'.

However, this month I found myself removing the tangents from the big picture and getting involved in things that I normally wouldn't get involved in. And in overall...

Putting to much weight on my shoulders, even with my staff and outsourcing, it just got impossible, thus, I've calculated it to be about a $30,000 lost, because I shut down projects to get back on course.

Basically my company revenue this month shot down a sh*t load, however, I'm taking the lost like a champ... learning from it, and getting back on the right road.

Some key things to remember is:

- Diversify, but keep it comfortable within your limits

- Don't put all your eggs in one basket, but organize the eggs in different baskets

- Follow the swerve road, but hit the brakes when the turn is to big

- Keep things easy, automatic, and efficient

I'm normally very good at all the above, but sometimes you can lose your head, and so you need to remember to teach yourself some things sometimes.


Todd Walker
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    Stay strong man!

    Glad that you learnt the lesson and carry on!

    Some would have just give up and say "Internet Marketing SUCKS!".
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    Hi Todd,

    Losing $30,000, learning from it and getting back on track now... much better than losing $3 million later and struggling to ever get back on track.

    Of course, if you lost $3 million... I would say it's better than losing $30 million later! So it's all relative, but I do think that the faster we can lose small... the faster we will win big. If that makes sense.

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    Thanks guys...

    It all makes sense, and I'm not worrying that much, when I started to see the lost I tried blaming it on the environmental factors, economy, social, etc...

    But realized it was all me and how I was managing my company.

    Most of the time, the mistakes are not other peoples, but yourself.
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