How to make sales on Clickbank and other affiliate sites

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anyone to help me out on clickbank,Jumia and Konga affiliate, am not making sales with my facebook page, people are not clicking or otherwise... so, help me out.

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    did you try an email funnel before you sell to them?

    Best of luck
    Ike Paz
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    How big is your facebook page and who are you targeting? Are your audience in a niche where they are ready to spend money? What does your product solve?

    There are many factors to determine if a sales will be made.

    As Aizaku mention, an email funnel will be a good strategy promotion.

    Basically, you will need to invest in an autoresponder which helps you to collect your subscriber's information and send emails to your subscribers.

    By doing this, you will be able to promote to your prospects.

    Facebook pages...are just pages.

    People will just scroll past their feed. Even if something catches their attention, they will more likely to just see it on their feed or watch the video on their feed, majority of them would not bother to click to your page, then to your offers.

    Instead, make them want to click on your link (because you are offering to them free such as more funny videos or a free ebook) and you capture their email addresses.

    Make your sales through emailing them and building a relationship with them via email.

    With their email list, you can retarget them with Facebook ads to increase your chance of making that sale.

    IM is an interesting thing with so much to learn. I am no master in Facebook Ads but am learning it consistently. ALl the best with your promotion mate.
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    Simply not enough information to even make a stab in the dark response.

    The affiliate network is probably not relevant. What you are selling almost certainly is. Who you are trying sell them to important. How you are selling is crucial.

    My best suggestion would be to try and learn/understand some general marketing techniques/principle before worrying about Facebook specifically. Facebook is just one funnel into your sales system (which I don't think you have)

    You need a sales funnel first and foremost. Almost certainly you need to build an email list from your traffic first and then market to that list.

    Sales funnel = free offer - low priced initial offer - multiple follow up offers via email.

    Next target your traffic. You only want people who will want your products. It's NOT a guessing game.

    Possibly you will need to promote posts or even your opt-in page via paid ads to get any traction.

    Plus a dozen other things to get off the ground..............
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  • How to promoted the offer in the Facebook page ? do you collected the leads , then follow up with email and promote the offer.

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    Check their affiliate marketplace thoroughly. Find out a product or a group of products, around which you can create a blog or social media page. First market your page and grow enough traffic, and then place your affiliate marketing links wisely. If you already have a successful (in terms of traffic) social media page or a blog, then search for a product which can be marketed through it. Place the affiliate market links and earn your money.

    Click bank offers a great earning potential. But it entirely depends on the success of your marketing.
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    Originally Posted by Akinyemi Toluwalope View Post


    anyone to help me out on clickbank,Jumia and Konga affiliate, am not making sales with my facebook page, people are not clicking or otherwise... so, help me out.

    Can you share more details on what you have tried?

    For Facebook, how many likes did your pages have and how did you market to them?

    Can you share more details around the niche and offers?
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    • Thanks

      I have a very low likes on my page (60 likes so far) and it's with my real facebook account, tried opening new facebook account, but was disabled dew to too much request I think and don't know if facebook will give it back.

      I'd like it if you can help out,

      thanks in anticipation.
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        Originally Posted by Akinyemi Toluwalope View Post

        I have a very low likes on my page (60 likes so far) and it's with my real facebook account
        Well, what are you doing on FB to get clicks? Hopefully you are not
        one of those people who simply spam your offer all day and expect
        to peak someone's interest.

        FB is no different from forum marketing. You still have to build some
        type of relationship with your audience. Are you providing valuable
        post, videos, articles, or quotes? Are you educating them in some
        way that has nothing to do with your offer?

        If you want a separate FB account, try creating a new one with
        your last name as your first name, and your first name as your
        last name. Or maybe use your middle name & last name combo.
        Make sure to use a different email addy and you might be able to
        create a 2nd account.
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  • You may want to vary your marketing campaigns. Marketing on your FB page is only effective if you have a large following. For affiliate marketing, it is always a good idea to set-up a content-based website and prioritize on content marketing. Always, always conduct split tests and experiment with different marketing methods to know which works well for your niche.
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    I just got banned from clickbank, all my hop links are showing breach of terms violation.

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    I would definitely agree with others here in that you have to concentrate on building a list of people who are interested in the niche you are selling products for. I would suggest sending them to a landing page that offers them a free offer (could be a report that you create) in exchange for their email address. That way you could provide them value content via email and include offers for your products in these emails. You would have to set up an autoresponder like Aweber. There is so much free material on how the basics of internet marketing, I'd recommend doing some research to find out more. Good luck

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