Does anyone use GDI (Global Domains International) anymore?

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I have a younger sibling who is 18 years old and is just getting out of HS. All him and his buddies are joining Cutco. Which they all think is easy money and blah blah. I know for an 18 year old cutco. has a pretty big start up cost of a few hundo. I havent looked into MLM for awhile, But I remember GDI from back in the day. With some impressionable teens I feel like I could build a pretty decent downline, and them having a free 7 day trail and them only having to put up $10 a month does not hurt. But im not sure how they have changed over the years or if there are any better options out there? Or if anyone has any tips with helping him and his buddies spread this? Like I said they are al young and already interested in other MLM Bs. Thanks.
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    For starters...

    If they are really interested in input from others about making money online, THEY should be asking the questions - doing the research.

    If they can't muster the energy to seek out help on their own, I (for one) don't feel compelled to try to help.

    Sid Hale
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    I don't think this is about what his brother and friends are doing - it's about how the OP might be able to profit from the 'impressionable teens'.
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      After a 2nd read through... I think you're right, Kay.

      Sid Hale
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      Yes, alot of them are interested in in this type of MLM structure. But alot do not have 200 to put up for Cutco. were GDI is only 10$ with a free 7 day trail. If I can market to a few of them and let them spread it, What is wrong with that? All MLM market to young teens.
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    I was in GDI for a couple of years some time ago. Doesn't seem like much has changed.
    How well I did was based on the team I joined. Some of the teams are working together
    to promote 1 team members aff link until they have 6 enrollments. Then they move on
    to the next member and repeat.

    As a Software Dev, I didn't find any value in their hosting platform. It left a lot to be
    desired. The templates they offer were very limited and I found myself installing

    From a business point of view, you will find yourself competing with GoDaddy,
    HostGator, and Blue Host to name a few. They offer packages that are cheaper
    than GDI so you will need to come up with a way to convince your market, why
    they should go with GDI.

    Earning $1.00 per referral when you're spending $10 is a challenge. You will
    need 10 enrollments just to break even. I would suggest you point them in
    the direction of CPA marketing where they can earn $2.00 - $300 or more
    per lead, and it won't cost them a monthly fee to do it.
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