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I'm a newbie, I have to plan to start an Affiliate website. Can you recommend me a good expert or good document? And the cost needed to build
Thank you
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        Originally Posted by Bonus Oh View Post

        thank you but this way is impossible because many groups do not publish affiliate link
        Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of groups on Facebook DO allow affiliate links to be posted. I make sales every day by sharing affiliate links in groups, on pages, and on my wall.

        Facebook itself blocks links from certain networks and certain affiliate programs. I suspect that is because affiliates for programs using certain platforms promote so aggressively and Facebook has received enough complaints, that they parse links and if they determine that they are promoting a blocked program/site, the Facebook disallows the post unless the link is removed.

        There are ways around that.

        At the same time, just buying a domain name, and setting it upon an inexpensive host where you install a simple WordPress blog can take as little as 1/2 hour. Then on the blog you can post about or recommend anything that you choose to. So, you can then post product reviews, and share those blog posts anywhere that you choose, including social media sites. I do this all of the time too.

        I've been doing affiliate marketing since 1996, so it's very intuitive to me, but it really is easier to get set up, and to drive traffic to an affiliate offer than it has ever been!


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          Thank you very much, I'm starting building a website but I can't how to drive traffic, my traffic is too low, can you help me bro
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  • If you looking for creating affiliate website purchase a domain name as per your niche, you can purchase anyone of the below provider
    with hosting plan it will cost approximately $15 to $20 per month
    write some good quality content and submit to Google & Bing webmaster tool and share the post to social media for more traffic.

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      Thank you. Do you have document for this job
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  • I have few domain and hosting with Godaddy, once you purchase the package call to the customer care they will guide you, how to install the WordPress plugin in the domain, later that you can install the theme as per your requirement and write some quality content,
    Refer some YouTube video search type will be " Create website using WordPress plugin"

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    Affiliate linking is a good one , there is no need to spend money , contact affiliate sites and get processed
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    If you want to start Amazon niche affiliate marketing, You have to do the following things:

    1. Niche selection
    2. Keyword selection
    3. Content writing
    4. SEO
    5. Organic traffic generation
    6. Selling product and make money
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      i will find them
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    Affiliate marketing is simple really.

    You build a list of interested people in your niche market, you start building rapport and you sell relevant affiliate offers to them.

    All you need is a simple, but high converting landing page to get the subscribers and a powerful email follow up sequence.

    Now, I'm assuming that you have found your niche and the product that you want to promote, otherwise, you have to sort that first before you do anything else.
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