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I got my first ipod a couple years ago... it was an ipod video.

I am not much into mp3 files and I don't download music. I love my gadgets though and like any video content podcast or otherwise that
provides educational content in many subjects so I watched a little on my ipod but rarely used it.

I purchased the italk pro which is a killer recording attachment and used that a little...

But I still did not use my iPod video enough to excuse the $400 I spent on it... I never even purchased a song on itunes.

However, being the gadget man that I am and working in the market that I do I had to check out the new iPod touch...

So I purchased the 32 gig version which cost a little less than my old ipod video 60 gig version.

What pushed me over the top on the iPod touch was the previews I saw for the app store... and the wifi ability.

Within 48 hours of getting my iPod touch I upgraded to the new firmware and added $45 to my new iTunes account which I promptly spent on apps and my first song from the iTunes store.

I am hooked.

Steve Jobs himself has been suprised by the response... the app store has only been online for 60 days and allready over 100,000,000 million apps have been downloaded... one hundred million!

He projected that the app store could net a billion dollars in sales in just six months.

This is movement that cannot be ignored.

For the first time I enjoy using the ipod... its not boring any more and third party apps is what gives it personality.

The only complaint I have is that Sarafi for ipod does not support flash...

I'd love to see a third party app browser on the ipod that did :rolleyes:
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