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Tell me where do you usually reinvest your money to keep on growing your business? What was the best invested money for you?

Of course I'm thinking of using adwords and other similar advertizing methods, but what else has worked for you?

All advice appreciated,
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    Pay people to:

    - make more content

    - find more keywords

    - build more links

    - write more auto-responder messages

    - build back end products

    - create videos

    - and anything that holds you up during the day... The key is (at least in my mind) that you should be the project manager and everyone else should be doing all of the grunt work.
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    exactly what Sean Ski said, invest in people or nothing can ever progress.
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    I've no objection to outsourcing, but I'm a great believer in productivity software (Incansoft's Traffic Mania bots, for example) and I'll almost always look for a software solution first. There are undoubtedly times when there's no substitute for a human, but by off-loading as much as possible onto software, I've usually got plenty of time to be the human in question.

    With the help of the relevant software, I find it's generally more reliable to teach my computer how to do do something in the way I would and let it get on with it, rather than outsource to someone who probably won't care as much about the final outcome as I do. Although it's not something that's the deciding factor for me, one advantage of productivity software is that it's often a one-time cost, as opposed to the cost of outsourcing which is on-going.

    You have to decide for yourself, really. If you're bad/too slow at something that requires human involvement or just don't enjoy it (e.g. article writing) it makes sense to outsource it to someone with a better handle on it all as soon as you can afford to. However, if such things aren't a problem then you can devote more time to these or life in general by investing in software so that your computer can do the more mundane things that would otherwise take up a large chunk of your day.

    Plot short fiction, long fiction, even outline non-fiction * Edit the question prompts to suit your genre * Easily export text and image files for use with your word processor or Scrivener.
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    Invest to duplicate the processes that work by outsourcing, softwares or building systems.

    This creates more work with less time by you.
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      Thanks all.


      I'm also not a fan of outsourcing. They usually don't really care about the content or whatever they're supposed to do, so I preffer doing things myself - since then I know that at least I invest 100% of myself into it.

      Anyway, could you suggest me some good software (PM or whatever). I'm pretty sure I'll invest into AdWords - the only thing I don't like about it is that's it the kind of advertizing that is limited - you pay for it, traffic comes, traffic goes and that's it. You don't get any other benefit from it other than the instant traffic, that's why paying someone to put a link toward your website (traffic plus backlink) sounds a lot better to me. Thanks,

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