7 Secret Things You Didn't Know About content for blog

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If you want to learn about create content for blog, then you'll want to read this
article. Specifically we'll discuss some where to find best content. After reading this article, you should be able to best idea for your blog.

1. Scoop.it - Among my favorites!You start by choosing subjects and include some associated keywords (these will permit Scoop.it to curate material for you).

2. AllTop.com - This website aggregates the very best material from around the web. Merely choose your subject or keyword and you'll be revealed the very best blog site material from the previous couple of weeks.

3. Browse and check out popular blog sites in the specific niche to see exactly what their most popular were.

4. Browse best seller ebook about your specific niche on amazon and use look inside function.

5. Go to and discover Reddit hot subjects.

6.Google Trends - plugging in a broad keyword or phrase into Google Trends search results with 30 or 90 days and no longer.

7.BuzzSumo - plugging in a broad keyword or phrase into search sorting by "Total Shares,"

If you have some other cool tricks you use to find new article ideas, please share them below.
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