Affiliate Sales Funnel that Includes Low Cost Product up to High Priced Product

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Hi Warriors,

Can you please recommend affiliate programs that have built in sales funnels that start the visitor with a low cost product, sends emails that build trust and ultimately lead to a high priced product?
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    I am not realy an expert in this but i see in warrior plus products wit low price like 5 or 7 $ and then upsels .But its good that this products atttract people to buy
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    It's hard to recommend any when you haven't even mentioned a niche or how you are going to advertise it.

    JVZOO is another good place to find the affiliate sales funnel you are looking for.

    Don't limit yourself to just sales funnels. You should also be promoting affiliate programs that offer a monthly residual income as well, even if the monthly amount is low it will add up over time, especially if you keep sending them new customers.
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    In truth, the best thing for you to do is to build it yourself.

    I have several such funnels in different niches. That's exactly how I make my income.

    The formula is simple. The devil is in the details.

    In each and every step, you must give the customer (your boss) so much value that they pinch a loaf in their shorts when they open it and see it.

    1. Find a niche that will support such a funnel.

    2. Build a blog on that topic.

    3. Build a freebie.

    4. Give insanely valuable free content.

    5. Build a small product and sell it.

    6. More content.

    7. Build a large product and sell it.

    8. More content.

    9. Rinse and repeat.

    There is NO reason to build the other guys business when you can build your own.

    That's what you SHOULD do. What you WILL do is up to you.
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