The Difference between an Autoresponder and Broadcast email messages

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I have heard a lot about autoresponders. i know it is an automated message delivery system.

I have also heard about broadcasting, but not quite sure of what it is all about.

Could you please throw some light on this?

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    As I understand it, a broadcast is what Aweber calls an email tat you're sending out RIGHT NOW, or going to schedule for later on.

    With an autoresponder sequence, your subscriber receives the same series of emails regardless of when they sign up.
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  • Autoresponder is nothing but once the subscriber added in you list automatically email will deliver to their inbox as per your settings
    Broadcast in nothing but you have to schedule the email as per your requirement at any time.

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    Autoresponder is a sequence of emails that are delivered in a "drip" fashion to list members as the join to promote what ever you want..

    A Broadcast is an email to your entire list at one time.

    Autoresponder companies like Aweber and GetResponse offer both but give preference delivery to Autoresponders over Broadcast. This is why Autoreponder sequence get inboxed more then broadcast.

    When you hear about people getting dumped by Aweber (I've been one) you can almost guarantee they have been doing broadcast and probably very deceptive emails. Solo ad seller suffer from this.

    I add everything to my Autoresponder and I IGNORE all JV contest etc. I want to make money and I do not need to lose my list and/or get my ego stroked if it means I will lose my way of making money.

    Good luck
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    Autoresponder sequences are messages that are set up in advance and you define when each message should be sent.

    So you are building a list of people interested in X. You could set up X number of messages in advance and for example, the first message is sent when the user subscribes. The next message could be sent the next day. The third message is sent 2 days later, etc, etc...

    A broadcast which is the term Aweber uses and Getresponse uses the term newsletter is just a message that you set up and select which users to mail and immediately send it or you may schedule it to be sent at a specific time.

    The most important thing about mailing is your deliverability.

    You ideally want to know the domain makeup of your list(s) and create seed accounts for the domains with the highest percentage of users. Then use the seeds to test your inbox placement before sending your message.

    So you are simply sending messages to account you own and check to see if the message went to the inbox or spam folder.

    For many, AOL, Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and parent domains using the same mx, can make up as much as 85-90% of their list. So at the very least, you should start with them and any other seed accounts you can set up or acquire.

    If your mail is going to the spam folders, you need to look at the following...

    Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP / domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing. Also test username.
    Content: everything in the message body / mailing address, subject line, plus your template.

    For small domains / GI, which it's just not possible to get accounts for, you could set up spamassassin with razor and pyzor add-ons and use it to test with. These domains combined will typically makeup 10% or less of your list.
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