How to make an english version of my site, efficiently

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I have an informative blog with 200 articles in the Dutch language.
It has many readers.

I feel that I can utilize the opportunity to make an english version of my site as well (new domain and new word press installation)

I already figured I am going to first copy my Dutch site to a Local Host site, and turn it in English from there, and then publish the new English site at once.

1. Is there a way to translate my complete site (with Google Translate, which works superbly nowadays) without losing all the internal linking and pictures? Or should I manually translate each page one by one (using Google Translate of course)?
2. Is it SEO-wise better to drip the articles gradually, like 1 a day, instead of all 200 all at once?

Thanky you very much!
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    I would suggest you outsource this to someone that is fluent in both languages. If you use software, a lot of times things do not translate correctly and will not read well in the translated language.

    It probably will not cost much per article but if it is too costly then just do them incrementally


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    If you can afford to outsource the task, then you would rather do that than use Google Translate. I guess that would mean that you have to drip the articles one by one because it would take several weeks to get them all translated.
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  • Hire some one knows both the language, and translate the article one by one, do not convert in software, all the words it wont covert exactly, it will be impact for google ranking.

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    Well if you want that gramar to be good you need to outsorce it on elance odesk etc ,there are many people who know this stuff .Or you can try bty yourself with google translate or software but it will have many mistakes
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  • Thank you everyone.

    Great advise.

    My intention with the question was mostly: is there a tool of some sort that automatically applies Google translate to your blog, so that you keep the lay-out and the internal links intact?
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    using software do not translate correctly a lot of times. Maybe find someone that is fluent in what language you are using and also what language you want to translate it to.
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    Should really hire someone from someplace like Upwork to do it. I'd never trust GTrans.
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      There are many translator but for best result you need to hire some translator
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    You can use the following WordPress plugins to translate your whole site into English:

    Multilingual Press Free
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  • Thank you everybody! Great advise!
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