affilites versus drop shipping

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Hello out there.

I am a 54 year old Briti who has just been laid off at work. looking to start an online business and learn e commerce.

I want help to decide between opening an new online store(shopify and aliespress kind of set up or affiliate marketing (where I guess I need a blog)

I have a crappie blog already do have some skills, however I need to start earning money and need to skill ip on sales and marketing.

any suggestions.

cheers and thanks

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    Here is a link to a WSO for a Ali Express Dropship Plugin. Although the person is selling something, if you read through the thread it is quite informative.


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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  • Well!! Affiliate marketing is a good option instead of drop shipping. But make sure your affiliate network or blog should have the enough traffic so that you can get the much users to approach for traffic sharing.
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  • If you are new to online for making money affiliate marketing is the best choice, There are tons of course in online to start the business in one day, As you said you have the blog, write some good content about the niche and share in social media and earn some good money, once you earn some money then you can start the e commerce.

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    • As you mentioned about to sharing on social media. Those social media platforms also need some traffic on it so that the product will get some relevant traffic.
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    I know how you feel. Do both, there is no reason to do one and not the other. Most eCommerce sites provide affiliate offers and hard products. You can build the store off of your blog. Use blogging to create social connections that promote your brand. Learn how to use adwords, facebook ads and related services. Test the heck out of all offers before spending a lot on ads. Scale offers and products that convert with more add investment. Anyone selling you their methods to make money is probably not making money. Creativity and providing a unique experience is probably worth more than any of the gurus offering to teach you for $$
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    I would recomend you affiliate marketing because if you know how to get good traffic you can get a lot of money .Also if you have a huge email list you have a business per life
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