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Hi everyone

So I have question about adding an ecommerce site/page to my blog website.

Is this a good idea?

I have a blog where I write and promote products, and a registered domain and hosting plan paid 3 yrs up front. The domain name is not tied to any specific product that I promote, but it is in relation to what I write about and in relation to products that I want to put on my ecommerce site.

When I talk ecommerce I mean dropshipping. Can ecommerce/dropshipping go hand in hand with the blog that I write?

Of course I would also write about products that are on my ecommerce page/site in my blog.

How would you do this if you were in my place? Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Well if your main purpose its to transform your blog or to make a business ecomerce then start doing it ,

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    Hopefully you are collecting email addresses and building a list from your blog readers. Adding ecommerce to the site makes sense if it fits into your niche. Another stream of income is a good thing!
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    As per me, it is not good. A blog should be informative. If you are adding an e-commerce page on your blog, then what is the difference between blog and website. So if needed you can put a link to your page in blog as interlinking.


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    Yes the main reason is to make money. Not over night, but over time.

    I really don't want to build another website to be just ecommerce. The main reason is money, then again ranking, social media again.....etc.... the usual newborn website stuff. I already have articles that are on the frist page of google and on first place. And I have social media accounts that are active and I have backlinks.

    So to do all that again from the beginning, no thank you.

    But since I have two small kids, 2 and 6 yrs old, and whole house to run and everything that goes along with that. I really don't have time to do that again.

    That is my main reason why I ask if it is a good idea to do that add ecommerce page to a blog website.

    Thank you all for your answers !
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    You can install an eCommerce shop into the separate folder or subdomain and link it up to your main blog.
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    To continue my story: (I don't want to open new tread, just one to keep my story and proplems on one tread)

    So I have made ecommerce store in subdomain. And now I need to buy SSL certificate since I will be doing sales but only through PayPal . On my own I will not store or accept any credit cards only through PayPal.

    I need SSL can someone suggest any good cheap one who sales them ?

    Also since my main domain name is registered on Goddady and my host is Hostgator my name, address etc are not in privacy. You can find me in WHIOS.
    Now I want to buy privacy domain. Do I need to buy it on Godaddy or .....? And will that privacy also be on my subdomains or only on main domain?
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