How do I find good affiliates that will help me generate traffic and sales?

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Hi, peeps - appreciate your brains on this one.

I'm launching an e-Book pretty soon, it's about diet and fitness. I have near enough everything set up, perhaps a couple tweaks needed still.

Now the background's out the way; how do I go about getting good affiliates that'll help me generate traffic and sales?
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    Well if its a good product you can put that book on clickbank ,jvzoo etc .These are affiliate networks who accept products all over the world and they have affiliates to promote the products .Only in clickbank i think are 200 000 affiliates

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  • You can join any one of the network like Clickbank, Clicksure, Clickbetter, JVzoo etc as an vendor, There are thousands of people waiting to promote the diet and fitness product.

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    You'll likely want to join a network like clickbank as many have suggested.

    Just be prepared to have challenges. That niche is very saturated and affiliates like the higher paying and converting offers.
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    Hi Harry,

    One thing you might want to consider (manual work or you can outsource this) is to search for weight loss related/review sites/blogs and contact them and ask the if they would be interested in a partnership.

    Tell them what you're looking for and how much you want to give them in commissions for becoming your affiliates (but I would use the word "partnership" ). Put up a goal for each day of how many people/sites you want to contact (50 per day maybe...) and just go through the list (maybe an excel file would be useful for this).

    Another thing you could do is do FB live videos talking about your product and offer your product live. Sign up as an affiliate for your own offer and sell your ebook through your own link at first, that will give you some sales and proof to show and entice potential affiliates.

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    Organic traffic is most effective traffic for making money by selling the personal product, affiliate product, and others. You can start blogging and generate huge organic traffic from Google and start promoting your eBook.
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  • ClickBank is a good place to start. You may also try to promote your ebook in Amazon
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    Thanks very much, everyone. All of this is sound advice - finally activated the account so am only just able to see these.

    Great reception - any of you need guidance or a favour from me, you know what to do.
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    Or even joining a program like Pepperjam - they always treated me very well.
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    It seems like you are new here so I will try and be gentle :-)

    The concept of if you build it they will come is complete garbage. Affiliates that are worth any grain of salt will want to see a track record of success extremely high commission percentages and other Network specific metrics.

    You'll have very little luck emailing or trying to contact other product owners when you don't have any real assets to trade. Your ebook may be the best thing since sliced bread to you, but to everyone else in the affiliate world it's just another product.

    The people who are suggesting that you just put it on ClickBank and wait for Affiliates to advertise and bring you sales are people who have never placed a product on ClickBank. And if they did they certainly aren't getting sales from Affiliates from doing nothing. You may want to rethink your strategy and rely on your own traffic abilities to generate sales.

    There is a possibility of setting up JV s or Partnerships early on, but unless you have a funnel in place with multiple one time offers you'll probably not make a dime. Another thing to consider is that if someone's trying to partner with you when you do not have any metrics to show them or prove that your funnel works then they probably aren't going to do much for you either
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    You can go for admitad; an international CPA affiliate, if you are searching for good affiliates. admitad has 53000+ affiliate globally, also you can apply for various GEO's as per your choice.
    Enjoy! and good luck for your e-book.
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