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by JSpano
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Hey y'all,

I recently signed up my website for the affiliate network Pepperjam. I did this without thoroughly searching through the other affiliate networks (CJ, Rakuten/Linkshare, Share-A-Sale, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.). It has been a couple weeks and the outcome has been rather disappointing--maybe that's because of our herbal supplements vertical, though.

I found a tech review site that compares all the top affiliate networks; and it has SkimLinks at the top (which I had never heard of).

For you guys who are experienced at being publishers, I have a couple questions:

1) As an advertiser for health supplements, is it okay to be listed on several affiliate programs concurrently, as long as I end up profiting?

2) Do you know which network might be the best for my vertical?

3) From a publisher's perspective, are there things that make advertisers stand out amongst the rest?

Thanks for the advice, guys!

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