On a scale of Photobucket to Amazon, how hard do you intend to break the internet?

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So.. it looks like Photobucket is now a paid service (great article btw for those interested in some deeper reading)


I personally don't use Photobucket (Imgur ftw) but I suspect we have a large quantity of members here who have been using Photobucket since the dawn of it's existence and even some listed in the forum posts here.

For members affected, what was your solution? Did you cough up the $400USD/year or do you have a recommendations on an alternative (or a way to mass migrate and join the cool kids at Imgur)?

Simon Dell mentioned Imgur as a free alternative in the article as well but would be great to see how Warriors are fighting back at Photobucket.

I think it's a bit of a running joke to monetise without users knowing, but this is a pretty extreme move that will either ramp up revenue or give means to a cause of being beaten with the proverbial stick of the internet.

Message wise, they could have made this a little less... ransomware-like?

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    Hi Marcus,

    I haven't used photobucket much myself, maybe once for a facebook post..., anyhow, I can see your point. Maybe this was stated in the "fine print"...

    Are you an affiliate marketer or product creator? Do you know if your Wordpress site is GDPR Compliant? Only few days left. PM me.
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    Originally Posted by Marcus W K Wong View Post

    . . . how hard do you intend to break the internet?

    Just my opinion . . . for 99% of the members of this forum, no one should even try to "break the Internet." I know that's just an expression, but it suggests a new, disruptive, "changes everything" approach to Internet marketing. But honestly, how many new IMers are in a position to do that? How many are going to hit a home run on their first at bat?

    No, a much more sensible and prudent (lasting) approach is to follow the bread crumbs that have already been laid out and build a solid foundation for your personalized business a small step at a time.

    For the average newbie - mid experienced business owner, swinging for the fences will only lead to discouragement, frustration, and fast burnout. Just make a goal of regularly hitting singles, get your funnel system optimized so you know how to profit and are good at it. From there you can ramp up your boring little profitable business to really make it pay off.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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