What is the best method to promote affiliate links without investment?

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I would like to know what are the best free methods to promote affiliate links or heap and best advertisement.
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    Well in my case for free its youtube but you must create good videos that solve problems .And you must know how to do your research .For example you can create a lot of videos with no results if you work only on competitive niches because you will not get many traffic .You must searched and low cometitive niches
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    Hi bizzinfo,

    Here's some of my favorites:

    1) A signature file on this forum
    2) Giving value on the classified section: i.e. a free report or ebook focusing on something specific.

    This is a partial list, but you can find more on this post:


    I posted there as well,

    Are you an affiliate marketer or product creator? Do you know if your Wordpress site is GDPR Compliant? Only few days left. PM me.
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  • There are no specific "best" ways to promote a website. You will have to know which techniques are best for your niche. I suggest you experiment with different methods- SEO and PPC for example. Combining different techniques will help you see which one/s provide you with the most number of traffic and the most conversion.
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