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I was suggested to use click meter to track my Bing Ads journey but so far I have not managed to track keywords with it. I thought that was the point.

The tutorial says that I need to add{keyword} to make it work. So I did.
They also mention something about using a domain and supported only in the more expensive plans.
Not sure if they mean that they can't track keywords in the free plan.
But if that is true it would really suck and I'm open to any alternative that can track keyword. Please give me some light on this.
Appreciate your help.
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    I don't know clickmeter. You can try TrackingDesk - you can track 10 000 visitors per month for free.

    It has a unique way of integrating with bing and other traffic sources as well as affiliate networks.
    You can track keywords easily
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    Thanks for the tip rritz.
    Not sure why I was suggested to use clickmeter.
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      Originally Posted by VidasVegas View Post

      For me personally Clickmagic is the best
      I use ClickMagick as well but could not - even with help from support - figure out how to pass anything - like keywords - from bing to CM.
      So CM in my opinion falls flat when using with ppc
      although they say it works fine - both bing and adwords have updated their link structures and tracking options, and they do not integrate with ClickMagick seamlessly anymore, if at all.

      TrackingDesk is very much different from ClickMagick and I too found it rather hard to figure out after using CM for so long. But if you want to track ppc campaigns - you just add the traffic source - say bing - and everything is preconfigured already. No headaches
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    Another problem with click meter. Bots from Bing was eating up all my allowed clicks for the free plan.
    Like WTF!!!!
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    I have setup trackingdesk finally and it seams to work fine.
    It is really hard to understand and lots of configuration. But there is good tutorials to follow.
    Thanks for the tip rritz
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    Another option (and the one that I personally use) is Easylinks. Great software but I think paid traffic and conversion tracking is an upsell
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    I still use the free version of Clickmeter just used it the other day. it does not track keywords but it tracks your a URL that you create to track your site clicks
    Clickmeter is a link tracker, not a keyword tracker.

    Get Instant Access To Over 300+ How To Tutorials!

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    rritz recommendation of trackingdesk war really good. I can see clicks, keywords, even some order form visits. (not any sales yet though )
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