Is enough for substantial sales?

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My choosen niche air conditioning is mainly focused for India. I have signed for Amazon India affiliate programe. I want to know is amazon india is enough for substential sales or one must sign for amazon USA. Also guide how is air conditioning as a choosen niche? Pls help.
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  • Promoting the high value product will generate more commission, most of the people purchasing the product through Online in India. It is a good niche,

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      Originally Posted by Christyjohnson Johnson View Post

      Promoting the high value product will generate more commission, most of the people purchasing the product through Online in India. It is a good niche,

      I have never read such misguided BS in all my life just to get the signature seen !!

      India has the most poorest people in the world they 1.311 billion people and a very small percent could afford to buy but they don't trust buying online
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    May I recommend that you learn how to conduct market research and then apply it to your niche? If you are not sure how to do the research, just use the search function here at WF and study past threads about it.

    Most marketers here are not going to know a thing about air conditioning in India. But by doing some online research, you will learn what the supply and demand is for the niche, who the competitors are, what they are promoting, and where your prospects can be found online.

    This same advice applies to anyone just starting out in Internet marketing. Do your market research first before you start thinking about what to sell, where to promote, what your business model should look like, where you're going to find targeted prospects, etc.

    1- Look for market demand
    2- Learn what people in the niche want exactly
    3- Satisfy their wants with products and/or affiliate offers

    Yes, there are a lot more details about how to do this - but catch the overall vision of what you're trying to do to make money.

    The best to all of you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Missing SUA traffic you make a big mistake ,try to target also SUA as its the best buyer force from the world
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    Bankok and India are the top countries in using social sites...use some creativity in sure you get revenue
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    Guys pls explain what is SUA traffic?
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    The only thing is though, you're missing out on a lot of traffic from USA.
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    Given the fact that India is huge market but so does the Amazon competitor Flipkart. Take a start and then try to expand to other niches. Signing up Amazon US affiliate will definitely do the trick as it is always recommended to never put all the eggs in one bucket.

    To find the profitable niche on Amazon, I'd suggest you to use AMZ Insight for the research. Its built-in Niche Analyzer will definitely help you to quickly narrow down to the profitable niche by eliminating the guess work.
    Amazon Product Research & Tracking Software

    AMZ Insight 10-Days Free Trial
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    I think you should use too.
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