Successful Consultants/ Agency Owners: What is the going rate for done-for-you webinars?

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Hey warriors! I'm curious to know what the going rate for webinars that you're either charging, or SEEING in the marketplace. We're restructuring our agency packages, and been offering done-for-you sales presentations included;

However, I believe we need to sell that service separately now.

In January we did a webinar system for a client that resulted in 60k gross profits/ 2k in ad spend but mostly warm market.

End of 2015/early 2016 we ran live webinars for quarterly high end events, and over 6 months did $250k gross. Ad spend was 10-15k if I'm remembering correctly off the top. Rest was warm market.

But still not clear what the going rate for webinars/ vsl's and sales letters should be. Obviously we have results, and can charge accordingly.

But curious what some of you have seen in the marketplace! Knowing that will help when it comes time to sell the service.

Thanks in advance!
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