How and where to collect viral content for my bog

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I have recently created a new blog that writes on viral content. The problem is that i don't know where to collect viral content without any copyright issue. Your ideas are most welcome
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    There's a Windows application called Facebook Viral Posts Finder ( FVPF ) that can find viral content from Facebook by keywords. The tool give you also the possibility to collect content by date of creation or number of likes, comments and shares.

    Their are also a option to export the collected content or download in bulk the videos/photos found.
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  • Without author permission if you copy and paste content from other blog it will be a copyright issue.

    Few tips to create a own viral content in your blog

    Find out what people are talking about and state your opinion
    Get your headline right in order to become shared, commented and viewed
    Create useful Info-graphics and interesting pictures in order to get viral
    Can everybody read your content and understand it?
    Get the professionals who will write your content perfectly
    Promote your content after you have created it

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    I would suggest looking for PLR Memes or any PLR you can find. You might also want to check out my signature as well...I'm offering 5,000 free images you can alter anyway you see fit and use on social media sites, blogs and websites!

    Hope this helps!
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