How to create customer engagement for a windows and doors webshop?

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So.. im a marketing professional, done lots of sales and good part of marketing both in physical world and online ...but ..
Now im wrking in a totally new field, where the transactional customer is more prevalent than the realtional one is...
I work in a webshop who sells windows and doors online ...

Now .. the big isdue is how to create customer and leads engagement towards a product few has a huge relationship with ..
Thr common response is .. its just windows ..
Could anyone help lead me into an idea how to create a lasting customer engagement ? ... mostly - if youve bought new windows.. youre not going to need them replaced for another 15-20 years .....
..and lets face it ..Windows arent a particulary sexxy concersational topic .....

Hope someone can help
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    I would suggest creating good informative content in your niche with is windows and doors.

    Home renovation forums and forums for people building homes would be a good place to start. You could participate in the forums to get an idea of the problems people are facing when deciding to buy new windows and doors and answer their questions. Include a link to your site in your signature. You could let people know to click the link for more information and this would direct them to your site. You could tell them to quote a discount code and offer them a discount as a way of encouraging them to visit your site.

    By producing valuable content on your site (videos and written) people will come to trust you and view you as an expert. In order to encourage engagement ask them to message you any questions they may have via live chat on your site.

    If you use videos you could create a YouTube channel and do short info clips and/or product reviews and then embed these videos in you site, this is a good way of back linking and encouraging people who watch the video to visit your site through a call to action by asking them to click the link below the video to find out more.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck

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    I completely understand what your saying Vidar. I know this isn't an end all solution but I would also create a facebook account or page centered around your business/niche and engage with people that way. You can answer questions and support those who have bought from you in the past and also create a new audience.

    Social media for audience building is crucial and you would be surprised what you can do with it and all the different angles you can use...just my 2 cents!
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    the big isdue is how to create customer and leads engagement towards a product few has a huge relationship with ..
    Who is "the customer" - a homeowner who might be buying new windows or doors?

    Or is it builders, remodelers, home improvement sites/publications and social media for those businesses?

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