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Thanks to all of the kind and generous folks who respond to my and other posts!

I really don't like popups, but I know they help to get more signups for my newsletter mailing list, so I am considering using them.

I am therefore looking for the best popup option for my Website. I have several lead magnets, and would test them.

The question is what popup option to use.

I really love exit-intent popups, but once I found out that they don't work on mobile devices, I disabled them.

As I understand, there are several other popup options.

One is based on how long the visitor has been on the site. This seems to be the most reliable option, but they do interrupt the visitor's experience. Theoretically, if my offer is good enough, they won't mind.

Another is based on how far they have scrolled down the page. The flaw I see in this is that if someone comes to the site, and just scrolls 20% down each page, and the trigger point is at 30%, then they'll never see the popup.

Yet another one is based on the user having X seconds of inactivity. This seems kind of "iffy", but it might work well.

The final one I know of is when the page loads, and I don't think that's good.

In order to avoid popups, I have placed my click bait on the top 20% of the page, requiring no popup.

So, my questions are:
1) Shall I use a popup?
2) If so, what protocol do you suggest?

Please give me your advice based on your personal experience.

Thanks a lot!
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    I simply use exit-intent pop ups (javascript) on most of my sites and I get fair amount of clicks going
    to the link I place on the pop-up.
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    I have to say I've tried a few different pop up services, however I love pop up monkey the most! It's a one time fee, very inexpensive, beautiful and effective pop ups. Much better than a monthly subscription and I think it's like a one time fee of $37. Anyways, you can see an example of a pop up I created with pop up monkey in my signature here! I know there are a lot of choices...I love all the monkey products! Quality, Inexpensive and good customer support...you can't loose! Hope this helps a little
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      Thanks, Gary. I bought the Ninja Popup, and it seems fine. But I am trying to see the best way to use it. I went to your site, and it looks like yours pops up on page load.
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    Definitely use pop ups. I saw a major league spike in opt ins since using:

    - a pop up when visitors arrive to my site (appears daily)
    - a pop up for PUSH notifications
    - a slider that creeps in when you scroll half way down the page

    Mail Munch works darn well. As for protocol, I'd have your pop up (plus slider with a scroll halfway down your page) appear once daily.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thanks once again for clear, to-the-point advice, Ryan! It's so good that I actually have some of them on popup notes on my desk. )
      I did some research just now on PUSH notifications. Do you get many people to sign up for them? I guess they would work well for blogs. So, people would then signup for PUSH & newsletters? Thanks! )
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    Yes... the pop up in my signature is on page load, however, pop up monkey provides code you can copy/paste onto each post within wordpress as well.

    PS: I've heard of ninja pop up! and recommended highly by other people
    I'm strongly considering buying convertplug... it's a low cost Thrive option and I heard it's every bit as good! Why spend $100 when you can sprend $21 for basically the same thing
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      I just checked and the Ninja Popup is $25, and you own it.
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    Everybody has their own opinions on popups.

    "Urrg! Another freaking popup!"

    "Wow! A free ebook? Cool!"

    The truth is, they've been working for years and will continue to work for years to come.

    There are now popups that are mobile responsive such as:
    WP Popup + Optin and others, just do a google search.

    But I wouldn't just rely on a popup to collect subs. I would also utilize side bar widgets as well as putting some CTA to sub for your news letter within your blog post.

    For the most effective marketing tactic, use an arsenal of tools to collect your leads and not just rely on the trusty old popups

    Hope this helps a bit...
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    Pop on arrival! (Daily)
    Editorial Links Are The ONLY Links You Should Be Buying For Your (And Your Clients) Sites!
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    many people really don't like Popup advertisement, but no one can deny it is a good way to advertise!
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    I use Engagifire from Wishloop for exit intent popup lead capture. If it's viewed on a mobile browser it defaults to a timed popup instead.

    Exit intent is a great way to grow your list but the key to making it work is developing and split testing your way to well converting lead magnet.

    AffPortal Niche Research & Campaign Development Tools - CLICK HERE >>

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      Yes, I also used Engagfire with pretty good success.
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        Engagefire is good....although it seems annoyed but you will lose if you won't use it..
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    I'm following. This post is interesting. TY.
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    Originally Posted by KnowOneKnows View Post

    One is based on how long the visitor has been on the site. This seems to be the most reliable option, but they do interrupt the visitor's experience. Theoretically, if my offer is good enough, they won't mind.
    In my opinion and with what I have tried this is the best option because
    it's also prevent bots from entering and fake users.
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