Serious question about getting affiliates through Clickbank

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So, For some reason (not sure why) every time I post anything at all - even if it's not linked to any site of mine, has nothing to do with any particular product or service of any kind (and I have yet to ever even think about posting an affiliate link here or any link that links to one) for some reason I keep getting falseley flagged as "self - promotion" even if the flagged comment has nothing to do with me, what I sell or promote or even any product or link involved to begin with - I don't know if one of the mods has a hard on for me or what , but that needs to stop..

anyway I have a SERIOUS clickbank question... I just activated a product through clickbank as a vendor for the first time yesterday..I assumed that if I just made the offer good enough (meaning the commission level high enough, I set it at 70%) that it would, based on that metric, generate affiliates really quickly based on the sheer volume of affiliates within clickbank....

Granted it's only been about 24hours so far lol but no bites that I'm aware of from affiliates (although one sale on my own) but anyway, BEFORE you had a network of affiliates that are familiar with your products that you could notify of a new release - back when you launched your first - how did you go about attracting CB affiliates? What worked for you?

Also, the commission level I set, do I have the right idea, or does the high commission level cheapen the overall offer in the mind of the affiliate somehow?

I wanted to post a link to my vendor spotlight to give you a frame of reference, but I'm sure that would be a prime excuse to accuse me of self promotion (which this clearly IS NOT btw) - but any input would be greatly appreciated

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    I think you may be targeted because of previous warriors whom spammed their links
    by way of self promotion , the only way you could show the link would be to turn off the signature till you have the answer and post the website in written form

    I.E www, , not sure you could try it may work

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    Hi Ace ofAllMedia,

    I wil l give you something better than my advise

    And I have shared this one in other posts here on the forum. No, this is not mine, (I

    I would compare what I'm doing with what the old Admin Allen says, a source of wisdom that talks for itself:

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    it's only been about 24hours
    In the US that means from 5 am Saturday to 5 AM Sunday. I don't think 24 hrs on a weekend - overnight in the US, at least, is enough to make you change anything right now. Waiting is the hardest thing to do but that's what's needed at the moment in my opinion.

    that needs to stop..
    Your post featured a link to a new CB product - asking how to get affiliates and about 'high' commission. Can you see how the link was viewed as promotional? Not your intention - but I expect anyone posting a link to a new CB product asking for affiliates would have the same result here.

    based on the sheer volume of affiliates within clickbank....
    There is no barrier to being "a CB affiliate" so I'm not sure the "volume of affiliates" is something you can use as a measure. I would guess a majority of IMers on this forum are "CB affiliates" and that a majority have not sold any (or many) CB products.

    Suggest you pick up a copy of Jeff Walker's "Product Launch Formula" - available on Kindle, etc. Good stuff.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    I agree with Kay's analysis of why your posts might have been flagged as promotional.

    As far as thinking that simply setting a 70% commission would attract affiliates, it isn't that simple. While CB may have tens of thousands of affiliates, they aren't all scouring the site looking for new products. For example, I still have an active CB account, but I haven't sold or promoted anything through them in years.

    Most serious affiliates I know don't think purely in terms of commission percentage. They think in terms of EPC (Earnings Per Click). In other words, on average, how much do they make for each click they send you? Which, as a new vendor, leaves you in a kind of 'chicken or the egg' dilemma. How do you get serious affiliates when you don't yet have EPC data; how do you get EPC data without affiliates?

    One solution is to collect that data by being your own affiliate. If you can show that you have made over $1 per click sent (that's a 2% conversion rate on a $50 commission), finding good affiliates should not be a problem. Which leads to...

    The vendors I know who are doing well with affiliates do so because they seek out those affiliates, often one at a time. In other words, you may have to "sell" your affiliate opportunity the same way you would sell the actual product.

    I do understand your frustration, but when you have a topic like yours in a forum that has been hammered over the years with self-promoters, folks get a bit sensitive. Adding an explanation like you did here goes a long way. Good luck to you.
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