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Hello and thanks in advance for your great advice. )

I have a Website that has a lot of content on it, divided into 13 sections (70,000+ words). Based on advice I received here, as well as from other sources, I am creating a video and an audio version of the site. I will probably sell them for $17 for both.

My question is how to best deliver them. I think that the audios should be available as a download so that people can listen to them on their mobile devices.

The videos, however, I’m not so sure about. I am concerned that due to their size of about 4GB, and the number of videos (around 75) that they may be cumbersome for users to download and utilize.

I’m thinking about just putting them on my site in a streaming format, as that may be easier for the user. But then I’d need to create a system with login/user/pass, etc. so that only paid user could access them.

Another possibility would be to offer them in a “courseware” format, with my 13 sections setup, and then have the subsections available for each section. Although I haven’t used this type of protocol, I feel certain that it is setup to require login, etc.

May I ask for your suggestions on this situation?

Thanks a lot!
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    I dont know which software is utilized but i belong to multiple sites where after paying for there expertise i log in and depending on what I purchased i have access to my specific course (made up of several topics each having short videos i can watch for those topics.

    Steve Rosenbaum is one that you can reach out to to ask him about which software he uses for his membership site. just google him he is a know entity in IM and coaching circles. Probably can goggle which companies provide this software but always good to get a recommendation from someone like Steve who has over 1200 members in his site.
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    I would do it like this:

    1. Run the videos through Handbrake (free), MacX HD Video Converter Pro For Windows (paid) or similar to get the file sizes down.
    2. Upload the videos as MP4 files to a bucket on Amazon S3 - you get a 12 month free trial and it's dirt cheap after that.
    3. Have a WordPress based membership site running either s2Member or Moodle.
    4. Embed the videos into pages behind the paywall (WP will create the player automatically).
    5. Market the site and drive traffic to it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply, and with such great advice.

    I have Handbrake, and will try it to reduce filesize, and also am already using S3. My site is a WP site and I already have some other videos there, so I'm good there. The only issue is that I don't believe I want to make my whole site membership-accessed. I suppose there is a way to just have part of it like that. Any suggestion there?

    Thanks again!
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