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Fellow Warriors, Thank you for taking the time to check out this thread..

I am in the process of creating a 7-10 + hour video and audio product within the self-help niche. I am looking into the best ways to market this program. It will be a 30 day /4-5 week program.

What are you suggestions in terms of what will do best?

Do you imagine it would be best to offer the first module of the course for free and get their email and then sell through emails?

Or should I create a video that tells them about the program and they have the option of buying right then and there or not?

Is it generally best to go for emails before trying to sell?

I am in the studio for the next couple of days and will be filming videos for the salespage on the last day, so any help on the way to structure the videos or what they should include and what their goal should be is greatly appreciated...

Thank you...
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