How to earn $1000 per month on auto-pilot?

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I want to set up an automation to earn $1000 in a month. How can this be achieved?

Please share actionable advice.
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    Originally Posted by kpyadav View Post

    I want to set up an automation to earn $1000 in a month. How can this be achieved?

    Please share actionable advice.
    Take you about 6 months maybe 12 months depends on how hard you work at it !
    Making money on line is a business and you need to treat it like one

    It is not something you can just put up a website and boom $1k a month

    I will let the signature spammers and the sharks do their bit now!

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    You can do it in way less than 6 months to 1 year.

    It took me about 3 months with Kindle publishing to reach about 3k per month (can't remember exactly how much, but less than 5k for sure)....Now I would not recommend this business model anymore though...

    Right now the easiest and fastest method to make money online is Drop shipping using Shopify, Aliexpress and Facebook ads. You can make a solid income (2k+ per month) within one month is you follow a good system teaching you step-by-step what to do.

    Not all methods are created equal...Things like blogging and affiliate marketing take way more time and are more long term ways of making money online.

    Some people think you absolutely need articles and sell affiliate offers to make money online....This is not true at all.

    Took me one month Dropshipping using Shopify to reach 5k per month passive income, and I'm not promoting any affiliate offers, don't need articles, etc.
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  • There are multiple ways to make money online, but it won't be happen in overnight, you have to fashion about what you are doing, So many online markers failed due to no consistency,
    Create a blog and write some good quality content and share the content to social network and build the trust with the readers and work on SEO,
    Later that you can join some of the good affiliate network and post the affiliate link in your blog or you can earn money with google adsense

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    If all you want is $1k/month. You can easily do that with Youtube videos and a blog doing reviews for popular products within a niche and then throw up affiliate links. The problem is it could take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on how much and how well you write. Same idea for Youtube video creation.
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    'Autopilot' is a word that marketers overuse in this industry to attract and sell products to lazy people for a quick sale.

    Hope this helps (or at least gets you thinking).
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    Well you can make this but it takes time ,you can start to build a list and if you get like 2000 emails and a good relation to your list then for sure you have 1000$ per month
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    Autopilot doesn't exist.

    You need to spend the time building the foundation of your business first, which is the bulk of the work, and if you set it up right you can run it on maintenance mode to keep things going.

    You still need to do work like traffic generation - writing emails - blog posts, or whatever it is you are doing.

    To have a true autopilot business you would have to get someone else to run it for you.
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    Don't expect to hit $1K off the gate.

    But if you are willing to invest in a system, get Twitter publishing software and hire a VA

    Get your VA to compile niche-related content links and niche-related hashtags

    Each post must alternate between building credibility for your twitter feed and sharing your link

    Your VA feeds your software and sets you up for 6 months

    Assuming you have set up your squeeze page and email funnel right, you should get a nice stream of traffic on auto pilot for SIX MONTHS

    You can do this for FB pages too

    If you or anyone reading this need free further advice on how to implement this simple system, just PM

    Keep in mind that it is your LIST that will be doing the selling so you need to set it up properly

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