If you had $1000 to invest in IM, what you spend it on to start generating income?

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Hey everyone, if you had $1k to invest, where would it go?

Articles? PPC? Backlinks?
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    I will outsource ebook creation paying $500 and submit it to clickbank.

    I will spend rest of the amount advertising the ebook.
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    This one for me would be a no brainer.

    1. Market research (FREE)
    2. Keyword research (FREE)
    3. Select a product based on your results (FREE)
    4. Purchase a keyword rich domain name ($7)
    5. Pay a writer to write articles based on your keyword research. I would suggest at least 30-40 articles. At $5 an article that equates at roughly $200.
    6. Organise hosting with hostgator (first month FREE I belive then $9 a month)
    7. Launch a wordpress blog (FREE)
    8. Submit your site to Google, submit your sitemap,
    9. Publish your articles both to your site and external article directories over a period of a few weeks.
    10. Sit back and relax.

    With this method you should have money left over for a beer.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    In addition to the above.....
    Buy Market Samurai for keyword research ($197 or Less).
    Spend $50 in PPC to see if you get a single sale and to see what kind of traffic your keyword REALLY gets
    Add Angela's and Paul's links for $5.00/mo.

    Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/KennyKurtz and I'll follow you back.

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    Haha I love this place

    Thanks for all your responses.

    Well I have an ebook being created, and I do have around 40 articles in the works! Great to hear I'm on the right track.

    For the article marketers, how do you go about improving your articles SERP rankings? I've ordered Socialbot but need to wait a while before I can download it, do RSS feed aggregators work well also?

    thanks everyone
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    With $1,000, what would I do... hmm...

    1. I would probably buy some reviews or review sites from here.

    2. Make a wordpress blog and post that review.

    3. Find a highpaying Clickbank product and get your affiliate link.

    4. Go to getafreelancer.com and hire a ghostwriter who writes 500-600 word
    articles for $1 - $1.25. I would outsource 50 to start with.

    5. Submit those articles to EzineArticles.com

    6. Watch those delightful commissions coming in on a daily basis.

    7. Rinse and repeat.

    That's what I would do.
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