What`s the difference between life coaching and business coaching?

by bm2
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What are the differences between the 2. One handles life issues and one business issues but the coaching process is the same set an objective and ask questions , the right questions in order to get out what the person really wants and some motivational speeches on how to achieve the particular objective
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    Life coaching could be easily summed up with a variety (sorry ahead of time) hippy-dippy personal development speeches and slogans. You can do it! With the power of friendship and determination we can beat the enemy! It's more about the attitude and the resiliency that a person needs to create to go about life. Often times, with true life coaching (think Special Education) you are teaching adults who haven't had the chance to "live on their own" and you end up teaching them things like budgeting, cooking, taxes etc. The key here is that the majority of people have lived on their own and are pretty much qualified to "coach" people about life. Some life experiences are needed, but Divorce Counselors are not always divorced, as an example, but are still great at their job.

    Now, business coaching isn't much different than business consulting, in my opinion. It's not really about setting an objective and asking questions to find out what the "person really wants" and then proceed to do some motivational speeches lol

    That's what a lot of 'gooroos' on this forum think though. Do they know the right questions to ask? Do they know the actual terminology and processes to increase revenue of a business (or start one)?

    Think about this, generally speaking most people can help pick someone up and 'coach' them through a rough spot in life. Wouldn't you want a coach to be competent in the respective field?

    If you were trying to lose weight, would you hire a +550lb obese person to train you?

    If you were trying to get into football, would you hire a seasoned golf coach?

    TLDR: It's the technical expertise that separates the two. You can't use motivational speeches to coach businesses.
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      I'd add Wile E. that as life coaches slowing move up the food chain and charge $2500 or more for their packages, the level of question, analysis and preparation is pretty intense...def past hippy dippy

      My wife is a higher end life coach. She goes about 50 million miles beyond the positive slogan crap LOL. But I will say that the lower end, lower earning coaches tend to fall within the category of getting folks going, by staying stuff like "think positive", and trying to lift folks up with simple platitudes. They are the Fiverr Lifers, or Fiverr life coaches hahaha.
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        I'll be honest, I don't really buy into the Life Coaching philosophy. If you have that many issues in your life or struggles, I can't imagine paying some rando $2,500+ rather than finding a psychologist to help sort through problems.

        Not saying there isn't a legitimate business or work, it's just hard for me, personally, to wrap my head around
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    Coaching....life or business...or any other type, does not require the coach to set any objectives.

    It also doesn't consist of any motivational 'speeches' or 'quotes'.

    Anyone who has studied and understands coaching will be pissing themselves at what is written here ;0)

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    I think that people who needs to be MOTIVATED to do something, they dont really want to do ANYTHING.

    If your mother is in dangerous, do anyone need to motivate u to save her?


    So if people needs any kind of motivation to move their asses and make money or do something, they dont really want it.
    Secondary, if u pump them and motivate them to go down from their beds or chairs, u constantly need to motivate them.

    Cause they EXPECT this motivation.

    For Business, you DONT NEED ANY MOTIVATION, what you really NEED is a SYSTEM!

    I mean a step by step system to make money, to acquire leads, to sell to those leads, to proper do copywriting, etc.

    No fluff. Only facts.
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      If this is the case, why do almost all internet marketers fail horribly? We all have access to systems, and many use them. Just saying

      Really though, the richest, most powerful, happiest and most successful people on earth have coaches. If Serena Williams thinks it's a good idea to have Tony Robbins to be her life coach, do you think *she* needs motivation? Nope; she understands you can be the best on earth at doing something, and an all time great, but you are humble enough to know you have blind spots.

      Please guys; learn from mentors, and hire coaches.
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        To add to this, I think that's a stretch.

        I bet Serena Williams has a couples of houses, a handful of cars, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a physical therapist, a few coaches and a bunch of other people supporting her.

        Doesn't mean John and Jane Smith working blue collar jobs should have all these, right?
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    hey there

    Differences are simple

    1.0 life coach is there to help with setting and achieving goals


    2.0 Business coaching is geared towards boosting ones business sense

    talk soon
    sam f
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    You have the 2 differences down pat.

    But as for the questions, your line of consulting may differ.

    My wife is a life coach. She asks questions probing into domestic relationships, money stuff, job stuff.

    I am a blog coach. I ask questions probing into what folks are doing to drive traffic, to boost profits and what their intent is with a blog. More online business themed questions.
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    This its to simple coaching on life its focus more on life problems and business coaching its focus more on business
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