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I have to admit I am feeling lost...I have been running my website in the casino and gambling niche of reviews for the last 5 years or so and I still am nowhere near seeing a return every month..i almost never get an actual real money deposit a month and I just cant see me getting one.

What am i doing wrong?
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    Originally Posted by gamblerscompendium View Post

    niche of reviews
    What can you add (or remove) that would increase the interest of your current clients? Perhaps you could test some ideas based on where your revenue is currently coming from. Ways to get repeat sales from the same people; ways to get more first sales from new people.
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    Where is your traffic coming from and how much are you getting? The more details we know the more we can help.
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  • hi sorry for delay. My traffic is all organic from google for all kinds of keywords. The site has been like this for 5 years averages around 100 hits a week (i know thats nothing but over 5 years you would think i would be at least earning something now)

    I feel like i am doing something majorly wrong and any help is appreciated
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    Here's one idea . . .

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    Have a great day!


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