This "not-so-secret" SECRET Gives You Hungry Buyers 4 ANY product

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This might be the single most effective strategy for making more sales in your business...and ill explain why in a sec

Because the cries of frustration are getting louder because of the overwhelming competition in the online markets

And its making it harder to standout and get your message heard amongst the crowd.

This is having a damning effect on engagement, ad cost and even sales

3 very important ingredients to creating a stable, consistent income

You see..The most successful marketers use this stratrgy regularly And the key reason why 95% of newcomers fail to make any money online is because...

they neglect to use if you want to avoid being another corpse in the online market graveyard...then follow these words closely

Heres what most people do...

is they find a quality product and interested group of people for the product...nothing new there

But here's where most people fall short...

They fail to create DEMAND

This is "neglected secret" that people never talk about

Its no secret we live in a "supply and demand" society

So, ultimately the level of demand we place on our product/service will determine

Not only how many sales we make but also how much people are willing to pay...

So how do we create demand?

We take the most common problems our prospect has/or could have and we magnify them...

The negatives and the reprecussions of not taking action sooner...

(Remember: fear and greed are the 2 most powerful triggers that cause people to act..not buy....but ACT)

This is powerful for a couple of reasons...cause it can shed light on a problem they maybe unaware of so were giving value and it positions you as an expert on the matter(who better to provide the solution)

Ok so ill break it down using an example

E.g tooth care market..."According to NHS gum disease affects 3 out of every 4 adults over 35 in the U.K...if not treated early gum disease can lead to soreness, receding gums and even loss of teeth "

(3rd party validation from credible sources = believability and increased trust)

Now we've got their attention...they want a remedy

But you dont want to just give them the solution...too obvious

So sticking with the earlier example we might discuss the causes and symptoms...part of the solution is knowing the problem right...

E.g gum disease is caused by the build up of harmful bacteria which attacks your gums, smoking is also commonly known to increase the likelihood of gum disease"

Still building the value cause were making our prospect more informed (try sprinkle in a reference or 2)

(This bit may vary from market to market)...but we dont want to make our product the only option (again too obvious) we want it to be the most ideal option

Usually this means....what to do but not how to do it

This is what really ramps up demand...

cause in most cases this creates more questions..they will ultimately look to you for an answers

So ill keep consistent here and stick with the teeth example....

"Brushing regularly 2 times a day with a toothpaste that contains the right amount of fluoride can prevent gum disease..."

Whats the right amount of fluoride?....what brush should i use? How long should i brush for?

Now you can tie in your product as the solution

("In some cases gum disease can still develop because toothpaste only removes bacteria but doesnt kill them and this is why dentist recommend gumshield mouthwash 5000")

And then you can highlight how it kills 99.9 of germs its quicker and more cost effective and all the other benefits

Notice in the last part we told em how to fix it....

but also highlighted why it doesnt always work (i would usually get a case study there)

Most people aint into risk....they prefer "certainty" the "safe option"...

thats why so many are willing to trade hours for dollars...

even if they hate it religiously....cause its the comfort of a job

Well this is the same...people buy certainty

And if you solution has a recommendation from an authority...use it..professionals, celebrities...Dr Oz doesnt matter

It just adds more weight to your arguement

And there you have it....creating demand for your product

As always...its up to you and go apply this to your own marketing

Good luck

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    Originally Posted by esmarshall View Post

    They fail to create DEMAND


    With all due respect, I don't believe any of us create demand ... at least not small time marketers and solo entrepreneurs like those of us here at the WF. Sure, companies like Apple, Google, Nike, and Amazon do it over time for their new products and services. But they have huge marketing budgets and staff, lots of partners to push their brands, and the global influence and reach to cause a stir about their products. Folks know and trust their brands after years of experience.

    But for the rest of us, market demand is either in the marketplace already or it's not - and there's very little you or I can do about it. That's why it's so important to research a niche and establish that your own product or service will fulfill existing need, solve existing problems, or fulfill demand before going to the trouble of setting up a marketing system or even creating a product.

    Imagine the effort, expense, and time it would take to create demand for a product that no one had ever heard about, knew anything about, or even knew it existed! And then once the product is introduced, the creator then has to persuade people to be the first "guinea pigs" to buy it.

    I'm not denying that there have been "crazes" and fads that were one-in-a-million successes, but marketers shouldn't try to bank on such exceptions. No - it is always best to simply tap into the demand that is already existent in the marketplace. It is real, it can be targeted, it can be measured, tracked, dissected, quantified, and exploited.

    The example you gave of creating demand for your product for those folks with gum disease . . . that demand (avoiding gum disease) already exists - it's already in the marketplace long before you come along. There is no new demand that you're creating - all you're doing is putting a slightly different spin on the supply side for the product you're trying to sell. You mentioned "but we dont want to make our product the only option (again too obvious) we want it to be the most ideal option." Isn't that saying that there are already other products out there trying to meet the same existing demand that you are and you're now going to be competing with them? Aren't you fighting for the same prospects and customers they are? Of course you are because there is existing demand.

    The way I see it, you are not creating new or different market demand that your product addresses and others don't - the demand (need to solve the problem) been there for as long as people have been concerned about gum disease. You are simply highlighting how your product is a better solution to fight gum disease than other alternatives, which of course, is a common strategy for most all digital marketers - show how your product outperforms the competition.

    The only reason why I am debating this point about not trying to create demand is this: marketing products online is a tough way to make money for most people, especially early on as new people come online, often looking for a quick way to get rich. If marketers have to introduce and try to build new market demand that isn't currently there - the challenge to the marketer is multiplied many times over - the job just got way, way more difficult. That is not the way to be profitable online (attempting to create new demand) - it's much smarter and more profitable to simply find ways to meet current demand.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Interesting point Steve. Thanks. : )

      I think it was Eugene Schwartz ("Break
      Through Advertising") that said something
      to the effect of:

      "There's a whole river of desire, hope, and
      expectation (etc.) that is flowing endlessly ...
      And your job is to put yourself in front of all
      that flow by connecting with them."

      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    I think you missed the point....

    there is obviously demand for gum disease cures....but not necessarily for the gum disease product you're promoting

    Theres a difference.....i dont know if you've noticed but there is no shortage of anything anymore

    Theres like 10 different generic alternatives in every market

    So you need to create the demand otherwise they'll just go off and buy something else

    Of course there will be interested groups that would appreciate your solution

    Its like this forum...theres an interest in "creating an online income"...but whats the demand for "steve b marketing"....

    as opposed to the 1000s of other guys who do marketing

    You mentioned apple already...they created demand...

    they were "the computer for everyone else" and they continued to keep building on that

    And while they're a household name one point they had to go through "the create demand process"

    Otherwise why else would the market care about apple now...everyone would have bought IBM or microsoft

    Infact, you wont find a startup in any big market that doesn't go through this

    You're right...we dont have the big budgets to compete with giant corporations like apple

    But Thats why you carve out a piece of the market by going after a specific group of people and build from there

    The big mistake is confusing interest with demand

    As i mentioned in the op, interest alone cant make the sale..

    otherwise everyones sales conversions would be converting at 100%

    Infact, you wouldnt need the funnel atall

    Based on your theory.....everyone would convert at "hello"..."cause the demand already exists"

    And we know that aint the case

    Interest is just indicator for who is likely to you dont waste your time

    Thats the whole point of lead generation

    But after they've "raised their hand"
    You need to create demand for your thing otherwise they'll buy from someone else or not atall

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      Originally Posted by esmarshall View Post

      Based on your theory.....everyone would convert at "hello"..."cause the demand already exists

      I don't know how you could come up with this argument as I didn't say anything that would lead to such a far flung conclusion. "Everyone would convert at 'hello'"? Conversion where there is demand is never a guarantee - you should know that and it's not something you should assume I said.

      Where I don't agree with you is this: Creating interest in a specific solution is different than market demand. Why? Because prospects come to your offer, or web site, or squeeze page without any idea regarding your new and different product. Their "demand" or need for a solution pre-exists your specific product marketing.

      When you create interest in your specific solution you are unveiling or revealing how your product can satisfy the prospect's already existing desire to solve his problem or need, maybe better than any other solution. Creating awareness or interest in a specific solution should not be confused with creating market demand - product demand and market demand are not the same thing.

      Have a nice day,



      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • I figure what is gowin' on here is a shoutout 'bout the difference between tappin' demand an' creatin' interest.

    So mebbe rn I wanna noo toothbrush.

    Moment I lookit the chomped bristles, I gotta go shoppin'.

    My focus then becomes ... consoomer toothbrush websites mebbe.

    Point is, demand exists in (& is generated by) Moi.

    All the toothbrush guys gotta do is create the right pitch gonna appeal when I show.

    Cos they know there're thousandsa gals jus' like Moi wantin' toothbrushes rn.

    An' there're X biz rivals suddenly of particular interest to alla those gals.

    Meanwhile, Perfect Chainsaw LLC drops me an email, tryin' to CREATE DEMAND.

    So I am thinkin' like sorry Chainsaw people -- bug the heck off outta my face, I require a toothbrush now, not a frickin' murder weapon.

    Another email drops.

    20% discount on All Chainsaws NOW!

    So I am like 120% on what I jus' said! I do not want no frickin' chainsaw, K?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Not really trying to cause a "shootout" or make trouble for anyone - just expressing an opinion counter to that held by the OP. Isn't that what discussion forums are for? Nothing personal at all.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      No problem atall steve....if we cant get together and express our own views whether they differ or not

      And still be civilised afterwards...

      What kind of men would we be?

      And with regards to "converting at hello"...i didnt mean so literally...

      Just cause someone shows interest doesnt mean there gonna buy

      And just cause theres market demand...doesnt mean they are gonna buy yours

      But to reitterate...if you dont create the demand for what you sell..why would they buy from you over anyone else or even buy atall

      I never mentioned market demand....i just said demand for the products

      Like you mentioned small time guys like us dont have huge you cant go spend millions to appeal to the mass market

      And because we cant compete on that scale....thats why we find a smaller more targeted "pocket" to work in

      All markets go from specific to broad....thats how you go from newbie to market leader

      You can see it with things look at "mobe" ,"ipas" and all them other affiliate offers

      Started out small theres demand through reputation and bigger ad campaigns they have expanded and started reaching different audiences

      You'll find this pattern for almost any leading product in any market...started small and expanded.

      And creating the demand is an important part to making your first few sales

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