Another One: How To Create Content Like Dj Khaled

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"The key to more success is coco butter"

From sleeping in his car parked in the rough Miami streets to doing 360's on a Jet Ski and being managed by Jay Z...

Dj Khaled has followed a tried and tested online marketing formula:
  1. Create content
  2. Promote content
  3. Monetise content

This post codifies Khaled's astronomical rise to fame over the past 20 years, so that we can learn how to create content like Khaled and realise a similar level of success...with or without coco butter.

Khaled is creating and promoting content on multiple channels in various different formats, during this post we will focus on three:

Video - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne
Social - Snapchat
Written - The Keys

Video - I'm The One Video

With a stunning 500 million views on YouTube the video for I'm The One featuring everybody, this one of Khaled's true masterpieces.

He utilises a few tricks of the content marketing trade to promote and monetise this video:

Colossal Collaborations

One of the oldest tricks in the book: include others influential figures in the creation of your content to incentivise them to promote the content to their audience.

In exactly the same way... I'm going to hassle Khaled upon the launch of this post... as he is somewhat incentivised to share a peice of content that highlights his greatness.

Let's see if we get a Retweet...

Anyway, in this video, he incentivises Lil Wayne, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber to promote the video.

Bieber is the interesting choice here, as the audience of the other three featured artists are closer to Khaled's own.

Bieber's following however, are somewhat different, enabling Khaled to tap into another younger, mainstream market segment: this was not an accident.

ACTION - Who can you incentivise to share your upcoming content for massive exposure (especially if they have a new audience)?


If there is a stereotype of the starving artist, scraping together cash for rent becuase they can't seem to make money from their passion, Khaled is the opposite.

He takes every opportunity to monetise his content effectively, I outline Khaled's approach to content monetisation in this video:

I also detail the other psychological triggers that have been carefully placed at the start of the video to build his authority and influence the audience, fuelling the Khaled media juggernaut.

ACTION - How can you monetise your content with other people's products like Khaled?

Managing Relationships

It is clear from the above screenshot that Khaled is a master at managing relationships.

Just as us Internet Entrepreneurs must maintain win win relationships with others influencers in our niche, Khaled does this with the biggest names in the music game.

In a recent interview, Khaled speaks about how he maintains such relationships: he will only reach out to people with offers that will benefit them.

Thus, when people get a call from Khaled they pick up because they know it will be beneficial.

So when you release your next blog post and reach out to the influencer to share, make sure the post is good enough for them to be proud to share it with their followers... or better yet, mention them in the post.

ACTION - Which influencer in your niche can you start building a relationship with... and more importantly, how can you help them?

Social - Snapchat

Consistent Themes & Metaphors

Khaled rose to Snapchat fame on the back of his: Keys To Success series of Snap's, showing him around his Miami mansion, dispensing soundbites guiding us on how to gain success.

He made continuous reference to his flowers (angels), The Keys Of Success and the Lion statue in his garden.

So much so that his 6 millions views per story were effectively priming his audience for his next peice of content... the best selling album: Major Key

These same themes persist across content mediums as per the book cover for "The Keys":

Khaled was effectively priming his audience with metaphors through Snapchat to pre-suade them into buying his album and book.

And it worked.

Major Key was Khaled's first number 1 album in both the US and UK,

ACTION - What are the consistent themes you can weave into your content to ensure familiarity?


Just as the worlds biggest brands hammer us with their taglines multiple times, Khaled exposes us to his own idea genes (or memes) at every opportunity.

This increases the likelihood that they will be remembers, repeated, bringing Khaled, free exposure.

Here is a list of some of Khaled's best memes:
  • We The Best...

Summarises Khaled's brand and everything he strives towards: being the best.
  • Special cloth
The best material: signifies the material that his products are made from and the stuff Khaled himself... is made from.
  • "They" don't want you to...
"They" is another word for "hater". Khaled suggests that anything "they" don't want you to do... you should do.
  • Overstand
A more enlightened level of understanding.
  • Another one
Assuring you that yes, you are listening to another Khaled production.
  • Secure the bag
Make sure the wire hits before you shout your mouth off about the deal.

Check the title of this post, even I am helping to spread Khaled's memes...

ACTION - How can you embed memorable quotes, ways of behaving or ideas into your content to help the become both memorable and spread like wild fire?

Written - The Keys

Social proof/testimonials

Khaled "overstands" the importance of social proof.

His book is punctuated by testimonials from some of the biggest names in the music game, all singing his praises.

The effect builds massive credibility for his brand and content.

ACTION - How can you incorporate testimonials from influential figures in your niche to raise your authority?

Brand Consistency

Khaled's brand represents "the best".

This is why he get's a fresh cut twice and a manicure once per week.

This is why is is collaborating with Jay Z, Apple and Bang & Olufson.

Your brand doesn't have to stand for "the best" but it does have to stand for something.

And must be consistent accross everything you do for this to have an effect.

ACTION - What does your brand stand for and how is this communicated consistently accross channels?


Though despite the incredibly intelligent and strategic tactics outlined above, Khaled's success hinges on one core principle:

"Be unabashedly true to yourself"

  • When Khaled stands in front of the mirror naked, rubbing himself with coco butter, he is being real
  • When I wake up and decide to write a blog post about Dj Khaled, I am being myself
  • When you wake up and...

That's the thing you need to do next.

The thing that excites you.

And maybe... as you continue to do this over time... you will end up bringing out headphones with Bang & Olufson, getting signed up Apple to produce weekly content or get Jay Z to manage you.

When you combine this ability to be YOU, learn how to create the best possible content in your niche and the ability to promote it...

Only then will you become a true content marketing mogul, like Khaled.

It may sound hard... and that it will take a long time... but I think it's worth it:

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    #1 How did I miss you on Warrior, Tom?! Great to make a connection that my addled mind missed for eons.

    #2 Brilliant post.

    #3 Collab-ing is one secret to my success. Not DJ Khaled success - yet - but as I guest post on successful blogs and feature successful bloggers and comment on rocking blogs, guys like Tom feature me on Richard Branson's Virgin blog.

    Seriously dude; doing collabs by assisting successful folks in your niche and by befriending them is the most direct way I have succeeded.

    Rock on!
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    • Profile picture of the author tomhunt88
      Haha, my man!

      Yeah, strange... how is business?

      Hopefully we will have many more collabs in the future
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      • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
        All well Tom. Having loads of fun. Driving traffic, growing that list, building profits. Yes, certainly!
        Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Profile picture of the author jbsmith
    Likely falls under the category of "Be real" or "Be true to yourself" but it's worth saying that most people are taught to "put a lid" on their opinions and beliefs, to compromise and to become more mainstream from a very early age. I have two teens, they are constantly worried about sticking out...and they're not alone.

    What these branding geniuses (like Khalid) have figured out is there is POWER in being authentic and standing out...and that takes a) Being a very "different" kind of person who generally does not fit in OR b) it takes tearing down all of the crap barriers and beliefs you have been taught for years/decades that prevents you from being the REAL you.

    Just thought I would point this out since the DJ Khalid's, Gary V's, Grant Cardone's, Lewis Howes...etc...each have Millions and Millions of people that secretly want to be like them but can't figure out how to be charismatic, honest, engaging, respected and branded - much of that is because they are carrying around years of baggage where they were taught/instructed to tone down their real personality, beliefs.

    With my business coaching clients, they really struggle with branding and 9-times out of 10 this is why.
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    • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
      Great point. SO many of my online struggles dissolved when I decided to be me, silly me, funny me, authentic me, energetic me. Grew up 1 town over from Gary Vee; I became so much more authentic when I saw his videos and drew on his inspiration, just to be myself.
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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