Advice on finding IM people who want to work at a virtual reality games company?

by cclee
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Hi all,

I've always been in the tech and games space.

And Internet Marketing is a side hobby of mine

(I also just realized I first registered on this forum 10 years ago. Crazy how time flies!)

I like IM because it's where smart and creative thinkers try to exploit the edge of the latest platforms. It always amazes me how people figure out new ways to grab, hold, and monetize attention.

My new company is in the Virtual Reality and Multiplayer Games space.

It dawned on me that I'd love to hire a fresh and hungry Warrior-styled Internet Marketer (email list, landing pages, content marketing, A/B testing, etc) to join our our games team in Seattle...

I'd love to find someone who plays lots of games, but has no experience in the games industry and wants to break into it.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to find people who are Warrior Forum type of people besides this forum...but there is no job listing board here.

I'm not looking for a standard marketing person from a typical marketing job site. (If you've worked in a bigger companies, you'll know what I mean )

I suppose most IM people are doing it as a side hobby?
Or if they find success, they are already doing IM full-time on their own?

If you have ideas on where to post a job listing for this, I'd love your advice.
If you are in Seattle and have questions about the opening, feel free to private message me too.

Thanks for all your help!
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