How to write a case study?

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I have recently launched a product with my partner. What I want now is to create a step by step case study of what I did to make this happen. Basically I want to share my experience with others who need help.

My problem is that, I don't know how to frame work a case study. Can any one suggest anything to get me going???
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    - Take notes, highlight relevant facts
    - Identify some key problems and talk about why they exist
    - Talk about your experience with the issue
    - Give a realistic solution of how the issues were solved with your product
    - Don't forget to give some background information about you and how you got stuck with the issue
    - Talk about the alternative solution and why your product is better than them
    - Show them how to harness the power of your product so that they can replicate your success.

    I think, that's pretty much it.

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      Thanks. Those are really helpful tips.
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    First you need to decide what is the objective of your case study and how you want people to consume and react. That will determine the amount of depth you put in to it. There is no one way, or best way but a good thing to remember is that you want the case study to show how you addressed a very specific problem and the benefits and results.

    1 - Problem & Prior State
    2 - You did one or a few very specific things very specific.
    3 - Amazing results ensued.

    Can be as simple as a before and after photo for weight loss or web site re-design. Key in a case study is you want to be able to show solid stats. A few key actions you took. Without too much detail, you want them curious, not with a blue print.

    Keep it easily digestible, a logical linear flow, no more than a page and use graphics and charts. Keep text to a minimum

    Good Luck.
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      Will keep those points in mind. Thanks.
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    In addition to what's been shared here, I would emphasize the "lessons learned along the way" from your initial starting point AND your final outcomes:

    1. What are/were the gaps?
    2. What were some unforeseen scenarios you had not anticipated? and how do you overcome those?
    3. How close or far did you come to your initial goals based on from which where you started?
    4. Were there any outcomes or results that you did not expect?
    5. If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?

    If you can infuse your case study with nitty gritty details of WHAT you learned AND how that all relates to your goals/outcomes ... I think this level of detail is key and will really distinguishes your case study from the pack.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for your additions ruizmcpherson . Those are gems. I now have a clear idea what I was looking for.
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