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Here we go again.

Something I have been seeing a lot of online.

People who want to teach people how to get a certain result and they haven't got the results they are aiming to teach.

Here's an example...

One of my mentors told me a story about how he hopped on a coaching call with a guy who wanted to make more sales for his business.

He asked the guy how much he was currently generating per month.

His answer was 500 bucks.

He asked what he was teaching...

His answer was how to make six figures a year.

Face Palm.

How in the world can someone who only makes around six grand a year teach anyone how to make six figures a year.

Its no wonder why he was struggling to make more sales.

He couldn't speak about what he was teaching with absolute confidence.

And this is how you kill your credibility - even if you don't have it.

Browse around and I'm sure you find someone who is asking others how to get more traffic - while advertising a free report or webinar on how to get more traffic.

It makes no damn sense and really needs to stop.

Not just for the industry you may be involved in but for your sake as well.

I mean if other people see you asking questions about something and see you advertising for the answer to that question - what do you think other people would think?

That you are F.O.S. (I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means)

Moral of the story.

Start teaching people what you currently get results doing. Advertise for that first then scale once you get other results.
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    This post is so real, and it's the main reason why many of the products you buy online these days are total rubbish.

    Building an online business means building a business that provides value. Giving value is something I keep preaching.

    When you start thinking about giving value to your customers first, you open the flood gates to unlimited amounts of money. Teaching something you know nothing about is not giving value.

    Instead, focus on what you know and keep building your strengths and remember people first, money after.
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    Face Palm.

    How in the world can someone who only makes around six grand a year teach anyone how to make six figures a year.
    I had to give up face palming... reading "help me" posts here with "make thousands fast/easy" sigs I was in danger of giving myself a black eye....
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      I had to give up face palming... reading "help me" posts here with "make thousands fast/easy" sigs I was in danger of giving myself a black eye....
      Haha not good.

      No giving ourselves a black eye

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    Just wanted to add . . .

    There is so much easier money to be madeoutside the IM marketplace. You don't have to teach about making money online in order to have a successful business. So many newcomers pick Internet marketing as their chosen niche . . . it just defies all logic and common sense.

    Everyone is good at something. Why not use that (skill - passion - experience - talent) to provide value to people in a non-IM niche marketplace? Do what you're good at! You already know some things that other people will pay you to share!


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    this is a saying on wall street. i do not want someone that takes the subway to work to teach me how i will be driving a $200k mercedes in a year in the stock market. lol
    i agree, with your post.
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    Great post!

    I think this is an area where many people struggle. They want an online business in the Internet Marketing niche, but go about it the wrong way. Like you said, they know they want to make 6 figures a year, so they figure that's what they will teach and will try to "fake it, till they make it"...

    Some folks can get away with that, but most aren't able to...

    However, I like to remind people that you can still use the skills you currently have. There will always be someone that knows less than you. They may only be one step behind you, but they can still learn something from you...

    Also, if a person is dead set on entering in the IM niche without experience there still are ways to get started...

    One example is software. You only need an idea and funds to pay for a programmer.

    Another example is selling PLR products. Same deal, pick a subject and outsource the work.

    A way to get started as an affiliate, is to simply buy products and go through them. Do the 'work' in the product and blog your results. This would start slower, but could have the potential to snowball into a massive audience.

    Hopefully some folks who are selling "How to make 6 figures" when only making 4 figures will get some ideas from this and decide to go another way - the honest way.

    Like Isaiah said, if you are asking about how to get traffic while selling a "quick traffic" product the credibility is out the window. In this industry, so much is reliant upon your credibility.

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    As others have said, always best to go and build a business USING internet marketing and then teach what you learned...

    There is another way to develop content, create products in areas that you are not yet an expert...and that is through simply teaching AS you go.

    In other words, you do not immediately teach people to make $M in internet marketing...but instead you DO SOMETHING and then teach people what worked and what didn't work about it.

    In other words, you go through outsourcing your blog or website - then teach what worked and what didn't.

    Next, you launch a campaign to sell an affiliate product...and for 30-days you experiment with different traffic generation strategies and try different sales pages/sales funnel combinations - then teach people what worked and what didn't

    Next, you create and launch your own product and teach people on that front.

    As long as you A) take action and B) position your advice properly there will be an audience AND you will keep your credibility. I know several online marketers that started this way and it worked extremely well because they kept their first champion followers who helped them build larger audiences along the way.

    Why this works by the way is the vast majority of people lack a plan, lack belief and do not want to risk anything until they have seen someone else do it DO IT FIRST and then people will pay you.
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