How has twitter helped you?

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Personally, I don't see how it could help. But, then, I know that I have a VERY narrow view of it.


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    It helped me kill about an hour a day for 2 months straight before I realized there is no need to check it more than once a day for 10 minutes....

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    I use twitter for organic google rankings, information research, building client brands, list building etc etc. I also run an account for my town as a recommendation service for people visiting the area.

    I've also hooked up with many people across the globe - doing some worldwide collaborations & projects.

    If I have a question, I'll often now get a response via twitter within a shorter period of time than doing research via google ie. it gives me idea leads.

    Follow me on Twitter

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    What have I gotten out of Twitter? I've gotten to nurture relationships with people I've only met once. I've gotten to form relationships with new people I've never met. I've gotten to meet people in person that I would have otherwise. I've found interesting information I wouldn't have seen apart from Twitter.

    I haven't made any sales, built any lists, or successfully marketed anything. But then, that's not why I'm there.
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    Twitter has wasted a lot of time for me however It does help me focus on my business!

    Its kinder good to keep up with people and also links rank quickly in google

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  • At first I though it was worthless as well! My account sat for about an year! Then I started seeing a lot of Grade A marketers using it heavily and then decided to join the band wagon! Twitter ranks pretty well. Its allowed me to develop more relationships (which I though would be impossible micro blogging) I'm very careful on how I market on there mainly because of the abuse of other marketers. Its meant to be social and using that way I've obtained a consistent amount of true supporters
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      Well, it doesn't directly help me, but it helps people on my website..I own a Classifieds ads site and I Twitter random ads. Once I Twitter any ad, I see instant traffic to their ad which in helps the person who posted it...

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    If you think outside the box, you can make lots of money from Twitter. I've done it. You won't get anywhere with 1 or even 100 accounts, and you definitely won't get anywhere from spamming. If you use it to cultivate relationships with customers on a massive scale and automate it, you can make a killing.
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    Don't spam on twitter. A lot of people simply use twitterfeed to tweet about articles from various sites like mashables and techbuzz. That can be quite annoying.

    I use twitter to promote my blog, cultivate relationships, provide content, tweet random stuff... well that's just about it I think.

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    The only time I actually post a link on twitter is when I am working actually on the site in hand. I post a lot a day on stuff that I am doing and my random thoughts throughout the day

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    Originally Posted by Jeremy James View Post

    Personally, I don't see how it could help. But, then, I know that I have a VERY narrow view of it.


    I use twitter to drive traffic to my blogs.
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    I find twitter a very useful tool when it comes to get traffic. I personally try to engage in a conversation, finding these via twitter search.

    I then post a link to my blog about 1 time every 15 to 20 tweets if I have that many. Other than that I just tweet my link onced a day.
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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    Most of the people using it are just scammers who are trying to drive traffic to their blogs and sites. There isnt anything that shows personality, unusualness or difference in all the twitter profiles. They are all the same - all auto-drip-fed from blogs. Or some executive posting established business nonsense stuff that you can always find in any good business or marketing textbook just as if they learnt it from experience. Instead of posting what they think, their perception or experience, they are just regurgitating popular stuff as pushed through to them using the mainstream media. In other words, the media decides their opinions that they propagate through twitter and it is so unattractive.
    Just took a look at your twitter page....

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    Twitter is good if your some sort of a celebrity.

    some say auto tweeting is works well but what if all the other marketers does the same?

    i think it has helped me with a few sales. and connect with other marketers on the same niche.
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    Twitter has helped me build more relationships with people and attract more visitors to my websites

    Affiliate Marketer, business builder and Content Creator >Grab My FREE Internet Marketing Profits Book Here<

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    Lets see..Twitter has driven great targeted traffic for me. It has made me sales. It has made my mail list grow. If you take it seriously it is a tremendous ally to have. I spend an hour a day working on 4 twitter feeds. It has paid off.

    I am launching - Dominate Twitter Now! - How to Twitter - Twitter Tutorials - How To Use Twitter - Twitter For Marketing A membership site that shows you exactly how I do all my twitter marketing etc. More on that very soon
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    I've had quite a bit of web design and other types of work through Twitter and I know someone else who works it to a tee. My friend has been interviewed all over the place, online and offline, as a kind of media expert and has big paying clients biting her arm off now. She's created an entire business straight off the back of Twitter.

    So it is possible to do very well with it, but like anything else you need to spend a lot of time nurturing relationships with people.
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    I suppose they call it social networking for a reason.

    I really like the fact you can chat to the likes of Lynn Terry ed dale ect without causing any trouble. and the best of all its better than email in some cases.

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