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I recently shot a video on the side as it was in a long hallway and I need to spin it around 90 degrees so it is right way up. Is there an easy solution using Adobe or Sony Vegas.

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    The million dollar question???? can someone create a script for this??

    It would help a lot of people but I don't think it possible mate.

    Best wishes
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      Final Cut Pro lets you flip clips so people are going the other direction. Are you looking to mirror the clip, or did you just shoot it upside down?

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        See if you have some wire framing, that is another way to re-angle the clip. You'll need to zoom and crop in if you are looking to fill in the screen as well.

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          Final Cut will also let you rotate the video 90 degrees. That control is found under the "Motion" tab on the clip viewer. I'm sure Premiere and Vegas both have similar controls, but I can't tell you where to find them.

          But you will have problems even after rotating the video. If you need to see all the video in the long dimension, you'll have wide black bars on each side. If you scale the video up enough to fill the screen from side to side, you'll lose much of the video at top and bottom and what's left will not be as high resolution as video shot in the normal horizontal aspect.

          In other words, it's not really a good idea to turn your video camera sideways unless you are going for some kind of non-standard artistic effect.

          Steve R.
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