Where do IM newbies get it all wrong?

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One of the most common mistakes that IM newbies make is to underestimate the difficulty of the challenges associated with breaking through in the online world. And because of that, they often come in unprepared -- face a couple challenges (SEO usually does the job), and then bounce.

It's really not that easy, otherwise everyone would do it.

There are thousands of ways to make money nowadays, you just have to be really good at one. The same applies to making money online. You must first get really good at all the activities which will make people go to your platform.

To all the guys starting out, don't get discouraged by all the challanged that are forthcoming. Nothing good comes easy. Also really important, don't think too much about the money you intend to make. Instead, once you figure out what exactly it is that you want to do, whether blogging, affiliate marketing or whatever, take the time to learn how to drive people to your platform.

You won't make any money without any traffic/subscribers. But if you can hack that, the world will become your oyster. First go learn how to drive traffic, START driving traffic, and then worry about how to make money from it.

That's just my take, but all the best!
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  • Well said, most of the people have the mind set like have to earn hundred of dollar overnight, but that is not easy and true,
    First have to learn end to end online marketing and have to stick with one of the online promotion,
    I saw most of the people not earning good income because they are not stick with one network.
    Online is the best place to earn hundred of dollar, it won't happen overnight, have to know the online marketing strategy and hard work.

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    It's good to hear the truth on this matter. Most marketers are out here Hyping up how easy it is to turn the money fountain on.

    But there is good news in all this hard talk. If you take imperfect action DAILY you'll learn what not to do

    Once you get that out of the way you'll stumble into what works best for you and your business...

    The more action you take the faster you will master the Online Learning Curve.
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    Yea i also make this mistakes of only trying to sell something for a quick buck and this its not good .You must add value to people and make them trust you and then they will buy from you
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    I completely agree, don't focus on the money first. This will come as a byproduct of your hard work.

    Thanks for the tip on what to focus on when starting out. I'm still reasonably new so it's always great to have some helpful advice on where to focus my time and energy in order to get the results I'm aspiring for.

    Consistency is the secret ingredient to all success in life. Take consistent daily action and success will come, just be patient and believe it will happen and it will!


    Newbie to internet marketing? This free video training reveals all you need to know to become a successful internet marketer http://tidyurl.com/bn3gpx

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    Yes... I have my opinion.

    they have used facebook (no paid traffic) to pump up our brand and get many $5K customers every month

    basically => you need a strong FB profile as my biz partners say ( always sell high-ticket services)
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    It's proven that the majority of people who want to operate online businesses have unrealistic financial and operational expectations.

    Many mistakenly believe that you can operate successfully totally behind the scenes, be who you are not and sell about anything to "hungry buyers' anywhere in the world.

    It's never really been like that (even in the days when starting and running an online business was like the wild, wild west before the FTC started to clamp down on many of the people who have since been forced out of business or gone underground) and with social media that means you can hardly be "hidden" it's not likely to get any easier for people just starting out.

    I've had people close to me that wanted to start an online career/business and no matter what I told them they just couldn't understand or appreciate what I shared from my own online failures and successes.

    Suffice to say they started out, got suckered by web designers e.g. who advised them to snap up the various versions and permutations of their chosen domain name - and the domain name was as obscure as heck but made absolute sense to them in their head!

    Sadly, those WP websites, more than a year later have zilch on them and won't be going anywhere or doing anything soon.

    An IM "newbie: can definitely still be successful however it's going to require a different way of thinking and the discipline and patience to choose the right plan for implementation.

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    I like this..many perspectives to look at. It's very difficult to accept "failure" or lack of financial success when you're constantly seeing make $1000 in 3 days and you follow all the instructions and then in 3 days you've made absolutely no money. Expectations have to be managed when starting off...I'm a newbie who has tried a lot of things since 2011 and still hasn't made her first buck online yet
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    I saw so many "Made 48127316781 million dollars in 3 months" cases and, As I am a newbie myself, tried the same steps and got no results yet.
    Of course I have studied and applyeid methods myself (outside the courses) but I still feel lost as hell
    Anyways, I am enjoying having my own website and improving it here and there
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    Where do IM newbies get it all wrong?
    Listening to the wrong people.

    People only tend to hear what they want to hear.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Here's something most newbies don't realize about those "I made $1000 in 30 minutes" claims. If they're true, odds are the person making the claim spent years learning how to do it. The other 98% are lying through their teeth to keep them from chattering.
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    The list is long... Here are a few...

    They confuse Make Money Online with Internet Marketing.
    They forget the "Marketing" in Internet Marketing.
    They get sucked into courses and YT videos that promote methods that don't work anymore.
    They buy software that is supposed to automate things that can't or should not be automated.
    They avoid purchasing software that does automate things or things that are essential to get started.
    They are afraid to spend money to establish a real business.
    They want to start with just a few hours a week.
    They jump from one thing to the next.
    They spend too much time "learning" before they try to implement something.
    They spend too little time on things (eg: selecting a niche) and too much time on other things (eg: what WP theme should I use).

    When I say "They" I certainly don't mean every single newbie. I have seen some outstanding examples of people going from newbie to profit making expert in a relatively short time because of their dedication, hard work, research and persistence.
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    It's all about TRAFFIC

    Start there

    Forget about anything else until you FIX that traffic issue

    Build your business around an existing traffic community

    "Build it and they will come" is a MYTH in 2017
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