WF is great, BUT DANGEROUS ...

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... especially to beginners.

Why would you ask? WF is by far the best source out there Martin! Are you nuts?

Well, you are right. But I will tell you a story about me and I´m sure 98% of all beginners make the same mistake ...

This forum is of course interesting and you, as an actual or future Internet Marketer always want to be up to date and well informed. This is good! Very good, you have to be willing to learn and your learning curve will increase alot doing this way!

But let you tell you one thing. Do you know the sentence "knowledge is power" ? Of course you do. But in terms of business this sentence is pure BS. It has to be "APPLIED knowledge is true power".

So what I´m trying to say is that Internet Marketing is 90% about taking action! Yes, it is! Start today! Right now! You should have read by far enough posts on how to drive traffic to your webiste etc. Don´t lie to yourself, you really know how to do it by now!

So shut down this site and begin writing articles, submitting them, whatever you need to do to drive traffic to your site etc. You know how to do it.

This said, I think the best is to set you a time frame for "information & research". And I recommend you, that you set this time frame in your daily plan AFTER WORK IS COMPLETED!

Ideally you would work every day on your project. And then, let´s say 1-2 hrs before going to bed you use the forum to exchange and gain knowledge. But again, do your work first! Do it every day. And set up a time frame for your research

So, this is no tip about driving traffic to your site and I´m no native english speaker. But I wholeheartly wish you can understand what I had in mind to tell you. And of course I wish you all the best in IM.

Best regards,
Martin Fehrenbach
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    real good tip dude .... without action all the knoweldge is a pile of waste .... at some point you need to stop reading and start implementing if you want something to actually happen ... you have to start taking action


    ITS NOW OR NEVER, reminds me let me just read a few more posts ;-p

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      Fantastic post Martin..

      And one that I wish I had a few years back...

      If I knew then what I know now about taking action... I'd probably be ona beach somewhere, eh?...

      Great post


      p.s. Pity the rep button's gone this mornin' - I'd be reppin you for sure

      Bare Murkage.........

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