How to sell t-shirts online

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hi! I am looking for selling t-shirt online without investment. please tell me which platform is better generating sale and income.
thanks reply in anticipation
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    Teespring is where I started selling my T-shirts ideas, for good profit too! However, I think you will be better off spending a small amount on ads via Facebook or another social media platform as that will yield you success. Good luck with your business!
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    I have sold quite a few tees on Zazzle and Redbubble.Zazzle especially has a huge selection to choose from.There are lots of other POD(Print On Demand) sites you can use.Just do a search.Whatever site you use,you will have to do some marketing if you want to sell lots.I advertise my tees on Twitter and Pinterest mostly.You can also create a Facebook page and blog.All of this is free.
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    Try out where you can create your own customized online shop. And, you can personalize it using the site's professional looking, pre-made templates - or upload your own graphics and HTML.
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    I think we all know this isn't going to happen.

    We have:
    • No money
    • No knowledge
    • Incapable of generating relevant traffic
    • Incapable of thinking on their own

    Do I need to keep going?

    Lets be real. - Dr Phil
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      I just started a new blog with my girlfriend to show her how it all works. Without leveraging anyone beyond her normal Facebook friends, we have grown within 1 week and are seeing 50+ visitors daily.

      It is possible, you just have to build an audience. We have audiences from different sources, Instagram mainly, but facebook and the website as well.

      Why can't you sell something to an audience? What is stopping you?

      I can help if you need some work done, let me know what is stopping you. We specialize in helping people, so maybe I can help you somehow.

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    • Put your Product on online shopping sites like flipcart, amazon, snapdeal. Share your seller profile on social media.
    • you can also sell your product by using facebook ad.
    • you can also Create cat-log on web2.0 profile like wordpress
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    I would suggest Sunfrog and GearBubble. Some stuff from SunFrog may get selected for Amazon and Shopify listing.

    GearBubble has a paid option, which will allow you do automatically dropship to Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.
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    To quote - "Make money selling your designs on over 200 products.
    Always free. Always."

    You can add and charge for your own designs in their marketplace. They will appear throughout the Spreadshirt platform. This can be passive income, particularly if you can offer quality designs. Not only can you sell on the marketplace, but you can easily create your own online shop, also free. And the shops are pretty classy.

    This is an excellent boost if you are low on resources. Still, whether it's time or money, your going need to offer a lot of compelling designs as well as finding a way to promote your shop to be profitable.
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  • For you t-shirt sellers, do you build a large audience on Facebook fan page first or are you guys just wanted to make quick money by running ads. And if it works - great, if not then just ditch the niche? How are you doing?
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      Originally Posted by makemoneyonline12 View Post

      For you t-shirt sellers, do you build a large audience on Facebook fan page first or are you guys just wanted to make quick money by running ads. And if it works - great, if not then just ditch the niche? How are you doing?
      You can do it both ways. But from what I have experienced find a hot niche and shirts that sell in that niche and then build up a Fan page accordingly.

      It takes a lot of trial and error so you need some seed money, no doubt
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    I'm selling and having my own Designs printed at Shirtee.
    You can create your own t-shirts and individual shop there for free. They're also POD, so basically as soon as your customers payed the order you can request your payment. They offer for you to sell your own designs via Shopify and Amazon as well.
    But I agree, the best way to gain sales ist to promote and share via FB, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
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    Woooow... So many suggestions I see here...

    If I were you I would check what you will get in "your hands" after all costs.
    It doesn't mean that you can use their service for free, that you will have a lot per t-shirt.
    And you will probably be selling only 1 t-shirt, so base you on a sell of one t-shirt.

    One thing NOT to forget, the t-shirt(s) have to be delivered = costs :-)
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    Hi all,
    This thread is a bit old but I wanted to jump in. Anyone have an instagram account that points users to their store? I have a sunfrog and post pictures of my tshirts as well as content specific to the account.

    I'm wondering what are reasonable conversions for this model?
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    Create a fan page for your niche. Invite your friends to like and share it. Build relationships and trust before promoting. Join retalated Facebook group like sell & buy.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    Create or outsource exclusive designs.

    If you have thousands of people promoting the same designs, your odds of making sales are much less than if you're the only one. A lot of people who buy graphic tees are also always on the lookout for new designs.

    Look on Ebay for example for tees with certain slogans, you will find piles of slightly different versions. None of which are very good. Be different and original and you will have a much better chance of success than promoting someone else's lame designs.

    BTW - I sell tees and hoodies with licensed designs that very few are promoting.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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