Researching interest in a Whiteboard Video Character Builder/ Explainer Video Character Graphics

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Hello everyone, I would like to see what kind of interest there might be for Whiteboard Character Builders for marketing videos. The graphics would be scalable, and perfect for use with everything from Explaindio to Premiere Pro. My main goal being to provide hand-drawn characters/avatars that can be used to create motion explainer, marketing or other types of videos. And of course the graphics could be used to create moving .gif's and graphics for social networking, websites and blogs, or the static images could just be used on web pages...whatever is needed.

These would be Photoshop builders featuring various well-drawn characters; male and female characters of different ethnicities, each with lots of different, interchangable hand gestures, emotional facial expressions, movements, and props like laptops, books, hats, and more. I would also like to include different niche specific clothing options like business, casual, doctor, blogger, fashion etc. with color options for clothing, hair, and eyes. Backgrounds and background props would also be included, with color options as well, along with the separate image files in case someone didn't want to use the Photoshop builder.

The builder would basically enable the user to create the niche specific characters they need for any video project by simply changing colors, clothing, facial expressions etc. as needed for their videos. All the movements and expressions are of course designed to help create emotional connections with ones' audience. Personal/commercial and developer licenses would be available. I have never seen anything like this on the market, and I am very curious to see what interest there would be for this. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. And thank you everyone for your consideration!
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    Good luck, but this is a very saturated market.
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      Thank you for your response, I appreciate your feedback on this.
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        Originally Posted by tinabarnash View Post

        Thank you for your response, I appreciate your feedback on this.

        Welcome to the forum and note you can not list and links in the thread but you can post your offers in the Warriors for hire section

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    There could be a market Most of what's out there is crap. I have folders full of that stuff that came as bonuses that I would never consider using. They all look like they would appeal to someone in the 3rd grade.

    Without showing a small sample of what you intend to create, it is impossible to gauge the level of interest.

    Thank you.

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      OptedIn, Thanks so much for your feedback!

      I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in, and I know exactly what you mean. That's why I was checking around on this...

      Most of the hand-drawn style video characters I see look 3rd grade quality. If not, there are never enough poses by far to create any real movement in the characters. No color options, etc. And the 8 or so graphics you get in a set usually don't all fit the theme of the video you have going. So you just wind up with a stationary character to transition in and out of the video however you can to make it look decent.

      This type of options in hand-drawn style video characters appears to generally require custom graphics from a graphic designer, and that can be pricey.

      From what I can see, people are rather unhappy with this.

      So, I'll have a sample available asap - and I promise, NO crap.
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