Need some ideas on where to get/buy traffic?

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I am launching my first international site.

But I found some problems with fraffic .
What you think is the best way to buy traffic for site like our?

Maybe someone owns some betting forum? Blogs? and wanna make same shares, or sell some commercial space?

Also, maybe someone can share our ideas where we can find more traffic or which agency's I could use? ?
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    If you want to buy solo ads have a look at Facebook Solo Ads Testimonials
    where you will find reviews on many solo ad sellers.

    In addition, Udimi is a regulated site bringing solo ad vendors and buyers
    together with feedback from buyers to ensure that fraud is controlled.

    When buying clicks from a new vendor keep your purchase to a minimum
    to monitor opt ins and sales.
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    • You can advertise with warrior forum for traffic. Since it has millions of users at daily basis. It will help you get good traffic to new website. Also you try Facebook.
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    Google Adwords and Facebook ads are really good to get traffic.
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    Our page is for betting tipsters to buy/sell their predictions. So for us google and facebook is restricted.

    So this was the main qustion. Maybe someone work with gambling affiliates sites and buys good quality traffic from some where?
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      It comes down to audience targeting and the quality of the ad in conjunction with the landing page.

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    So many people forget that they are wasting money if they don't buy targeted traffic.

    So the answer to your question (Where to buy traffic?) should be pretty self-evident: You buy traffic from places where your prospects will see your offers, right?

    Traffic is not a one-size-fits-all proposition contrary to what many may think.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    YES, look for other HIGH authority profiles within the same industry as you and ask them to do some kind of promo for you in exchange for a fee.

    Stay as targeted as you can or else you're burning money for nothing.

    Don't do a load of traffic strategies at once.

    TEST 1 traffic method, see if works and master ONE method only before adding more into the mix.
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    I searched around some and what I mostly find is info. about banning gambling ads...

    First, find some traffic with money to spend, then build a site to fit.
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    Do you care about the quality of the traffic? (i.e. you trust your conversion process and just need to dump a load of people on your offer i.e. are there boobies or elongating penises in your creative?)
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    I need good quality fraffic, who converts for betting sites, for betting predictions etc.
    Problem in my case what a lot of agency's and facebook have very hard rules about sites with some gambling content.
    Of course i know what i need my audience

    The main question was this, maybe some one works with some agencys/ blogers/ forums in betting, gambling area and could share this?
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    Facebook Ads is the most profitable nowadays, Facebook has improved there Ad Platform
    in recent times and it is more user friendly to Internet markers etc.
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    I have a commercial site. Firstly, I promoted my website using Facebook, Google+ or other social media. Then, I started to do SEO and it helps me very much than before. So you can use SEO to get traffic for your website.
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    Give a try to facebook ads but test small until you find a good angle .Adwors its also very good but its more cheaper

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  • you can go with -

    1 ) buysellads -costly
    2 ) Forum ads not posting (no idea)
    3) soloads - udimi (email marketing)
    4) Facebook ,google,bing ads (PPC
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    Facebook ads and solo ads is the path I would be taking.
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    You can try any, Facebook, AdWords, Bing, buy sell ads... But what I really wanna say is that you learn them first. Don't invest too much. Because if you can learn any of them properly then any of them will be enough for you to get enough targeted traffic. What is most important is learning the system. I saw too many people start with them and at the end, they gave up with poor results, because of their poor knowledge base...So, before investing too much, learn them, and then expand.

    Hope this helps....

    Thank you
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      Low investment, exactly. When i first ever used FB ads and it was new to me, my daily budget was no more than $5 to begin with.
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    If You want to build an audience then focus on help, give, share, support, educate and support. writing a piece of amazing content that solves a problem is a way to Gain traffic. Recording an effective Video in which you demonstrate how to do something is a way to get viewers and visitors.
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  • Don't try to waste hard earned money in buying traffic, instead put some efforts to achieve real traffic from various internet marketing techniques.

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      Originally Posted by Health N Fitness Tips View Post

      Don't try to waste hard earned money in buying traffic, instead put some efforts to achieve real traffic from various internet marketing techniques.

      no, buying traffic is a technique. Millionaire marketers do not do articles, and free videos. Tey buy TONS of traffic and make 100 thousands per month.

      Buying traffic and building a list is the fastest way to do well online, in terms of making 10k plus per month.
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    • Free traffic is great for long run if you focus on SEO stuff But the conversion rate is pretty low compare to the paid traffic.

      The technique is super simple for free or paid traffic choose the Right Product to promote -Right Place and Right Time .

      And that the conversion rate will automatically high ! don't forget to monetize your lead,track them, do some survey and help them.

      - Kishor
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    You can use Social Media sites, Guest posting, Blog commenting etc to drive traffic to your blog for free. You can also go with paid traffic like Bing ads, Facebook Ads for best results.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    I think OP said they can't use Google, Facebook or the like.

    Guest posting for gambling sites?


    Maybe it would be better you to contact those gambling blogs etc and try to buy some ad space.

    This will mean some work and time spent by you though.
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    1) Free traffic: forum, facebook page & group, twitter, pinterest,..
    2)Paid traffic:Network, Google Ads, Facebook ads, instagram...
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  • I don't trust solo ads provider at all,i have over 200 leads of top tier 1 email but i never get any sales most of them are freebie seeker.

    If you want to buy traffic you can go with :
    1) Facebook ads.
    2)Google Adwords .
    3) Bing ads is pretty good for MMO,
    4) Forum - warrior forum is good but little costly.
    5) Buysellads
    6) or Get a super affiliate because they usually have large number of leads ,they can send traffic to your website and many more.

    And By the way don't forget to do split Testing.
    -- Kishor
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      That actually totally depends on which solo ad provider.

      I agree that most of them are freebie seekers but once you find a good provider sales can literally blow your mind
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    Facebook ads is a good start. You could also share your website on forums and specialized area. Create a twitter, a page on facebook or else to make grown your community.
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    Please try to get traffic from your targeted audience. There are many ways to get the targeted traffic, such facebook has many group, youtube video, forum posting, relevant blog commenting etc. I believe if you can do this work, your site traffic will be increased. You should not buy traffic from freelancer, but you can hire any freelancer to do the following works. Thanks for starting work.
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    I would focus on buying solo ads and getting people to sign up to your email list by offering a free giveaway of some kind. If you keep offering them good content by email, they will get to know you and start going to your site.
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    bing or fb ads

    if you want to do solo ads, try solochecker or udimi.
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    For instant traffic Google adwords campaign, Facebook ads, Twitter ads are the major three platforms. The traffic will be relevant to the website theme because you select the keywords accordingly on Google Adwords. If you write articles then guest post can bring good amount of traffic to the website.
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  • first of all make sure your website is ready for boost. check all meta anchor and description. try to gain backlinks and share your inner-page links over SE. there are many SEO packages available on different marketplace, try this way.
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