how many links is not too many

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i am trying to build some link up to my web sites via articles but i do not want to build so many that i get sand boxed. what is the most no of links i can build without getting sand boxed
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    well start slow, don't look to obvious ... that is the trick ... and no one knows about the exact number of links .
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  • I don't think anyone knows the actual number. However, building your links with articles is a natural way to build them; Google doesn't penalize you for natural link building. Penalization happens when you've built THOUSANDS of inlinks over a very short amount of time. If you are doing that with articles, I will hire you as a ghostwriter.

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    The theory is, gain links first to authority sites then after some time slowly link to other websites.

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      My view on this is actually different.

      If you consider what the normal activities of a new business creating an internet presence are (press releases, spreading their message and advertising where traffic is highest), it's perfectly natural for a new business to get a lot of links in a short space of time.

      I think the issue here is - what is a lot?

      If you're worried about getting a few hundred links in the first couple of weeks, I'd say forget about it and just make sure you're getting them from the right places.

      If you're thinking of blasting every angle you can to get thousands in a few days and the quality of them is not a concern - you should rethink.

      Everyone is speculating since the evidence for what's working is always changing, so I prefer to ignore the speculation and just do things the right way. It's not difficult to get great results without caring about such things.


      nothing to see here.

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