How I Bought a Killer Website with No Money Down Using AdSense

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I have had several Warriors contact me via PM and on my website saying
they think buying website with little or no money is simply not possible and
I am here to prove that it is VERY DO-ABLE.

If you're still skeptical, I don't blame you because a no money down
deal goes against your every experience. Most individuals find it
challenging to shed their conventional thinking from how things are
done to how things can be done.

Luckily the mind has the ability to change its mode of thinking. In his
bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes, "whatever
the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." If that's not the
absolute truth, I don't know what is. In other words, if you cannot
convince yourself that you can create a NMD deal, you'll never be able
to convince a website owner either.

If you're still unsure if you can develop a NMD deal, you're not alone.
About 10 years ago someone asked me if I could build a website. At
the time, I was unable to but that didn't mean I was incapable either.
Quite the contrary... I knew the internet was the place to be, so I
convinced myself that I could make a living online. If I didn't believe
myself back then, you wouldn't be reading this post today.

Long story short, nothing is difficult once you know how something is
done. That's why I am here to show you how to structure a NMD deal
while avoiding the mistakes that I have made in the past.
The concept of a no money down deal is based on leverage.

NMD Deal: Google Adsense
Sale Price: $2500
Money Down: -0-
Cash Paid: $35

Sometimes looking for a NMD deal is starting with who you already
know. As an internet developer and consultant, I have many friends
who own websites but are not webmasters. They represent a key
target group because they control an asset but need others to help
update or maintain their website. As such, they may not be privy to
the latest revenue sources or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One example is my friend Dr. Rochelle who published Happy Halloween
Magazine and sold subscriptions via her site:
In 2005, after 7 years of print publishing and hiring someone to
update her website, she decided it was time to return to university
teaching. She calculated the revenue generated as compared to her
web costs and decided that it was no longer worthwhile.

Dr. Rochelle wanted to sell for $2,500 which
included the domain, worldwide electronic rights to all the existing
content on the website, original graphics/artwork and holder of the
Right of First Refusal to the magazine electronic rights. At the time, I
was developing and was seeking quality content so
I found the deal advantageous.

Back then, Dr. Rochelle didn't have Google AdSense on the website so
I proposed that she register for an AdSense account. I would optimize
the website and add AdSense code to all content pages at no cost to
her. Income generated from AdSense would go towards the purchase
price. In other words, despite having to put in a few hours of
programming, I was able to secure the purchase of a website with no
money down using Google AdSense.

After our discussion, I presented her the following proposal:

Dr. Rochelle:
1. Agrees to sell for the purchase price of $2,500.
2. Register for Google's AdSense program:
3. Accept payments through Google's AdSense program. Income derived from this source shall be applied to the purchase price.
4. Upon approval of your site by Google, provide Michael Cruz with the log-in information so ads can be constructed.
5. Provide Michael Cruz Rights of First Refusal for the worldwide electronic rights to the magazine content.

Michael Cruz shall:
1. Reprogram for maximum revenue through Dr. Rochelle's AdSense account until web site purchase price is paid in full or no later than November 25th.
2. Provide the programming and marketing skills to increase site traffic and revenue.
3. Payoff entire purchase price by November 25th.


I decided not to negotiate with Dr. Rochelle over the price. I could
have but since I was able to buy the website with no money down, I
felt it was only fair. Some may disagree with me and that's fine but I
wanted to develop a win-win NMD deal that made everyone happy.
There was also pressure on me to perform but I knew optimizing the
code and placing AdSense into the content would generate a decent
amount of revenue.

To recap, I was able to secure a purchase agreement which entailed:

1. No money down deal
2. Added Google AdSense code to owner's site
3. Income from Google went towards purchase price

By the beginning of August, I had her website completely coded with
AdSense. At first, the income was slow but by the time Halloween
rolled around, Google generated a total of $2,465 which all went
towards the purchase price. I ended up sending Dr. Rochelle the
difference of $35.

At this point, I suspect some readers may be saying that this NMD deal
isn't applicable today because most sites already use AdSense. In
response, there are still ways to utilize AdSense to develop a NMD
deal. Let's take a look at different scenarios.

- Some websites only have AdSense on the home page or a few
selected pages but, if you look deeper you may discover other
locations within a site where AdSense could be strategically placed.
That additional income could go towards the websites purchase price.

- Just by optimizing AdSense, you can easily improve a websites click-thru
rate, thus it's feasible to double or even triple revenue by making
small changes.

- Add Google's search box or Link unit. These elements can bring
increased income.

- While AdSense can generate revenue, make sure search engines are
able to locate content pages. A sitemap and a solid linking structure
will help a search engine spider properly index the correct webpages.

You, too, can use AdSense as a means to buy a website with NMD
even if it's already in use. By optimizing the code, including proper
placement and color scheme, it can significantly improve revenue. This
amount can be directly applied to the down payment or purchase price
and serve as the basis for a no money down deal.

I eventually sold to a gentleman in Canada. He
bought it for his newborn daughter as a way to earn money for her college

Finally, you may be asking where do I find these type of deals?

- Start with who you know.

- Flippa states that only 35-percent of their sites sell on their home page.
That means there are 65-percent that are not sold and that presents YOU
a great opportunity.

When you believe that you can buy a website with little or no money down
and you're already way ahead of everyone else.

Thanks for reading my post.

Michael Cruz
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